Google Will Settle Its Gender Discrimination Lawsuit With A $118 Million Payout

A new report by Bloomberg has confirmed Google’s plan of action in regards to the settlement of its gender discrimination lawsuit.

The tech giant will reportedly pay a staggering $118 million to help settle the lawsuit that is reported to include nearly 15,500 females.

More details about the class action case were present in the company’s recent press release for the settlement. This includes the company needing to hire a new economist that would be looking after all the hiring practices and studies regarding the firm’s pay equities too.

We first saw the lawsuit come into play in the year 2017 and since then, it’s been making the rounds on social media, on and off. But it now appears the search engine leader is planning to settle it out, once and for all.

After emerging five years back, three women were seen coming forward and accusing the organization of underpaying all of its female workers. They even complained how this was against the Equal Pay Law that is effective in California at the moment.

The wage gap delineated was around $17,000 and that really put many people on alert.

In the same way, we saw the women accusing the tech giant of locking females in career lanes that were of a lower category. And in the end, these women were left with no other decision but to accept lower wages and little bonuses, if any. This was in stark comparison to what their male colleagues were being offered.

Last year, it was a moment of celebration and rejoicing for these women after the class action lawsuit had been ruled in their favor.

But this is definitely not the first time that we are seeing a leading tech organization like Google take center stage and be scrutinized for its treatment of employees.

In 2021, we saw the company agree to pay a staggering $2.5 million to help settle a lawsuit that accused the firm of paying female engineers less than the males. Similarly, the case spoke out about how the firm tends to overlook any applicants that belong to the Asian race.

And just in case those allegations weren’t severe enough, news broke out soon about how the company was being investigated over harassment cases and discrimination against women of color.

One of the plaintiffs who filed the gender discrimination case revealed how she spent most of her career in the world of tech. Hence, she was now feeling optimistic about the firm taking more measures to protect the rights of women and employ fair treatment to them.

In the same way, Holly Pease added that Google is a leader in today’s modern world of tech and therefore many looked up to it in terms of setting examples for others. Therefore, she wished it would behave in a more responsible manner and ensure fair treatment for all in the tech industry.

For now, we’re still waiting for approval from a judge of the case for the settlement terms to receive approval. This is scheduled to take place on the 21st of this month.

Speaking to the Verge recently through a public statement, Google says it has a strong belief in all of its policies and how they provide equality for all members of its workforce. But they did say it was a struggle with this one where after five years of its litigation, a conclusion has finally been drawn in terms of a settlement and it respects that.

The company feels this decision is in the favor of all those involved and is more than pleased to reach the conclusion. Moreover, it reiterated its stance on the matter, adding how it was more than inclined to pay and offer jobs to all of its workers in a more fair manner.

Legal cases that tend to target the discrimination between male and female counterparts are commonly seen in today’s day and age. In the recent past, huge companies like Oracle, Twitter, and Microsoft have also been accused of similar behavior.

Let’s not forget the constant lawsuits being aimed at Apple where the similar theme of pay inequality continues to arise on a frequent basis.

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