The List For The World’s Most Downloaded Apps Is Out With Instagram Inching Closer To Take The Lead

The stats for the most downloaded apps for May 2022 are out and it’s safe to say that Instagram is getting closer to gaining that top spot.

The rankings took into consideration social media users from around the globe and while there was not a whole lot of change when compared to the previous month, there are some pointers worth a glance.

No surprises for the world’s number one app in terms of downloads as popular video-making platform TikTok hailed supreme again! On average, the app managed to pave its way into more than 54 million smartphone devices, despite it still being banned in countries like India.

Let’s not forget another fun fact that’s related to TikTok leading the pack for the most downloaded app throughout this year. Yes, for every month of 2022, TikTok was hailed for reaching the top spot. And it’s quite clear that this year has proven to be super lucky for the application.

Meanwhile, we saw another interesting pointer that was related to Instagram trying its best to inch closer to the top spot. And while it struggled to do so in the last couple of months, May was an exception as it nearly matched the 54 million downloads of TikTok.

This is the first time ever that Instagram has come out as nearly victorious and we’ve got to give the app credit for its performance. Therefore, it won’t be too long before we see it take the lead. But only time can tell because these rankings can fluctuate in any direction.

As expected, Meta’s famous trio of apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram were included in the top ten as were Snapchat, Messenger, and Telegram. Before we forget, Capcut also deserves a due mention but as far as surprises are concerned, it was Shein that really struck out.

The leading fashion-forward app made a shocking appearance in May’s rankings, clearly demonstrating how interested people are in e-commerce. In terms of stats, the app has seen a huge growth in its demands and we can only expect to see it further expand during the summertime.

If you actually strike a comparison with the month of April, there were more apps downloaded for sure. To be more precise, a total of 353 million new apps made their way into smart devices around the globe.

All the stats were provided by App Intelligence firm AppFigures and it’s safe to say that we’re more than excited to see what surprises the month of June has to bring!

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