Snapchat Begins Testing Its New Paid Subscription Called Snapchat Plus

Snapchat has recently unveiled how the company is busy testing its new paid subscription which is called Snapchat Plus.

The app is busy carrying out a series of internal tests which will reportedly feature a number of exciting new features and abilities that users can take advantage of before all others. In simple terms, they’ll be getting easy and early access.

The company made the announcement through a public statement that spoke about the addition of the Snapchat Plus service that will be exclusively rolled to paying members of the app’s community.

One app researcher named Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots on Twitter relating to some more updates that the company seems to be working on. This includes the app giving users the chance to pin their best friends with the badge ‘Number 1 BFF’ and we won’t lie but that seems like a recipe that will certainly not fail at creating major drama.

Other than that, there was chatter about a possible change in the app’s icon and also a feature that allows users to see which of their followers re-watches their stories.

We’re also seeing the actual price for the paid app subscription being released in the screenshots and that was listed to be 4.59 Euros every month and 46 Euros yearly. Now, there is yet to be any official announcement by the app on this so we’ll just take these as estimates.

This is not the only app that has joined the bandwagon of paid tiers. Recently, Telegram also confirmed its paid subscription feature which may be released by this month’s end. Similarly, we saw Twitter launch its blue subscription last year.

After Apple’s decision to introduce stringent privacy measures for its users, many apps have been forced to deal with the blow by thinking of innovative ways to make more money and this seems to be trending.

Snapchat made it clear how it missed its revenue target thanks to the new Apple policy.

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