TikTok introduces some reforms in its policies to protect children from restricted products and commits to stopping fraud ads

The video sharing application, TikTok revised some of its guidelines to get inclined with the European Commission to safeguard underage users from ad-funded content on its platform.. According to the European Consumer Organization, content circulating on social media platforms is not providing a safer environment for the young generation. The exposure of user-generated content is causing crimes and affecting the mental health of children by showing them hidden ads and risky schemes to get rich quickly.

Last year in February, the EU commission warned TikTok regarding troublesome practices that cause a violation of consumer rules. As a response, TikTok addressed those valid concerns raised by the organization and they committed to modifying their rules.

To ensure minors' safety, the app owners have made some changes to stop advertising inappropriate goods, for example, cigars, wines, and get rich quick; schemes. TikTok now grants users the right to report such promotional offers that can force or fascinate teenagers to buy hazardous products. Moreover, TikTok will show users a prompt to switch on a toggle when a creator posted the hashtags related to a particular brand for instance, #sponsored, #ad, etc. The company has also decided to verify and review the creators’ content before being published on the platform. However, the platform will only check the content of inspirers with an exceeding ten thousand followers. If they found the content inappropriate against TikTok’s community Guidelines and Branded Content rules, then the content won’t be published. These changes in TikTok's community guidelines would offer additional protection to children and it’s a praiseworthy initiative.

In addition to it, TikTok aims to test all sorts of paid advertisements in the content published with the new label and their implementation. From now on, the company will also check the criteria for purchasing coins and the effectiveness of the display of the approximate amount of unit price per coin in local money. Within the fourteen days of the time frame, users can do money transactions and their purchase records will be automatically saved. Furthermore, price calculations are made simple for the consumers so that they can easily get the rewards from the app and send gifts to influencers.

These new measures are very essential and it is not confirmed whether they’ll address every concern raised by the EU, but at least, TikTok has tried to take proactive steps to prohibit inappropriate content and ensure that the platform will continue to be a safe place for users to express innovation.

The consumer protection corporation (CPC) will carefully check all of these implementations and commitments of TikTok and if the irregularities persist, they can take speedy action against TikTok.

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