A Revamped Desktop Version Of Google News Is All Set For Launch Where Users Can Customize Information Preferences

If you happen to be a fan of Google News and were bored of the old version, well, there’s some great news for you.

Google, in a blog post, mentioned how it will be redesigning and updating the desktop version of the app so that users can better customize it according to their information preferences.

The update will comprise the ability to incorporate different filters, customize different topics, and also offer an expanded version for fact-checkers.

The company says it has derived inspiration from its revamping of the desktop through the comments and feedback received by users.

Coincidently, the news was announced on the app’s 20th anniversary and we feel there is no better time for change than this. After all, the famous Google News functionality is a trendsetter when it comes to authentic tools that gather various news stories from across the board.

The new filter section allows users to add them to the section where local news stories can be found. Therefore, you can pick and pull various stories from a number of different places at one single point in time.

This way, users can find the whole process so much simpler as subjects of interest will now be at the page’s top where all important segments are seen in one single place. Hence, you don’t have to waste time searching for trending stories, personalized picks, or local news like before.

Secondly, the update will allow users to customize their topics and make them appear at the top of the Desktop homepage. This adds sheer convenience and easy access we feel.

Users will also now have the freedom to delete, reorder, and also add a topic of their preference by pressing the customizable option that’s located at the top right-hand side of the Topics.

Lastly, users are being given the option to carry out a fast check that’s more detail-oriented than before. This way, Google hopes to limit the chances of spreading misinformation online.

Users will get to see one original story and another in the form of context that’s been fact-checked through a series of various organizations.

With this, Google also announced how it was on a mission to relaunch the famous Google News apps in Spain after confirming a redesign version.

The company made the news viral today through a blog post where it also highlighted how it plans on helping journalists around the globe. From funding and training initiatives to innovative products and newsrooms too, the tech giant is on a roll.
 New Google News Interface On Desktop
Old Google News On Desktop

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