TikTok continues to rise in popularity; becomes a primary tool for SMBs

TikTok’s popularity is rising by the day as not only influencers but businesses take to the platform as well to create promotional content. TikTok is still behind Facebook, the main tool used for promotional business, but Tiktok, being a fairly new platform, is catching up.

This discovery was made by a small and medium business supporting service that goes by the name of Hello Alice. The service surveys and analyzes small businesses to determine what's profitable as well as what's trending. This time around, Hello Alice targeted 7,000 small and medium businesses to find out their marketing approach for 2022.

First of all, the service determined the top leading platforms that are being used to reach out and market at the moment. This had some pretty predictable results. The first position was scored by Facebook, followed by Instagram. These are indeed the two most popular platforms for all small and medium businesses. The next on the list was YouTube, then TikTok, and finally, Snapchat.

When it came to organic promotion and best user engagement and results, we weren’t surprised to find out that the first place was secured by Instagram. Instagram is indeed a platform for growth but through trial and error. With its constantly changing algorithm with ample opportunities for change and growth, Instagram has proven to be the base for many small and medium businesses.

On this list, Instagram was followed by Facebook. The third on the list was TikTok. The percentage TikTok managed to acquire was astonishing however when considering how engaging the platform is, it isn't a surprise. TikTok was followed by YouTube and it seems like Snapchat was the last in all of the categories.

Next, something that TikTok topped is creativity. Brand owners feel that TikTok is the place with the most scope for growth through creativity. Since TikTok allows content creators and business owners to promote their brand through small videos with little restrictions and plenty of options, creativity is part of the equation.

Instagram was second when it comes to creativity, followed by YouTube. The next on the list was Facebook and lastly, we got Snapchat. All of these platforms performed well in this question with a close ranking. After all, social media was meant for creativity.

There were also reviews from those already using TikTok, with around 58% of business owners claiming that TikTok has turned their business towards betterment. General use and positivity around social media have also increased a lot since TikTok became popular as more and more businesses turn to social media for promotion and marketing.

Considering how TikTok is supposed to skyrocket this year in terms of user engagement, it would be a good idea for all business owners to resort to making two-minute videos as soon as possible.
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