The iPhone Just Turned 15, How Satisfied Are Apple Users?

The release of the iPhone, which occurred around 15 years ago, completely changed the face of the smartphone industry in numerous ways. Its influential touch based system was not exactly unique, but it was the first time in which an entirely touch based interface was provided on such a major and globe spanning type of product. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the iPhone happens to be the product which has the highest rate of satisfied customers as well.

Around 92% of iPhone users are satisfied with the experience they are receiving from their current brand of choice. Also, Apple has a 13% loyalty, which means that the proportion of users that want to stick with Apple are 13 points higher than the percentage of Apple users that might be interested in making a switch.

Samsung comes in at a close second, with 91% of its customers stating that they are satisfied with the product they purchased from this company. Their loyalty score of 10% is also quite solid, though it is notably 3 points lower than that of Apple which suggests that this company doesn’t have quite the same hold as Apple does over its users.

Coming in at the number three position is Google, with 85% of its smartphone users saying that they are at least somewhat satisfied with these products. In spite of the fact that this is the case, Google has a loyalty score of -36%, which means that Google smartphone users are far more likely to switch to another brand than Apple or Samsung users.

A surprise entry in the number four spot is Motorola, with an 81% customer satisfaction score and a positive loyalty score of 12% indicating that the majority of Motorola customers don’t plan to branch out of their ecosystem. The number five spot went to LG with a 79% satisfaction score and a -12% loyalty score, suggesting that the majority of LG customers want to switch to another brand although their score still isn’t as bad as Google’s.

How Happy And Loyal Are U.S. Smartphone Users?

H/T: Statista

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