A Sneak Peek into The Latest Update of Beta WhatsApp for the iOS users

WhatsApp has been working on a new update where users will be able to leave the group without notifying others.

WhatsApp has recently tested an update on the platform of the test flight beta program. One of the remarkable changes that the platform might come up with will be the silently leaving the group, the feature will be accessible in the future, but it has already created a significant amount of recognition by its unique property. Speaking of the update on the feature, it is going to be named as silently exit groups, where individuals will be able to leave without apprising. At this stage, it is in the process of developing. It will be feasible for the users in the upcoming updates by WhatsApp, as reported by WABI.

WhatsApp is working impenetrably to invent an ability that helps the users leave the groups on WhatsApp without getting caught. An identical feature is under development for the WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop. As it can be seen in a provided screenshot that when this feature will be attainable for users in the upcoming updates of WhatsApp, every time you try to leave a group a varying message will pop up. The message will contain the information that only the administrator of the specific group you are leaving will be notified about your departure. The easiest way of saying this is that only the person who created the group will be notified about your withdrawal.

Another upcoming update on WhatsApp beta for the users of androids has fetching facts about an additional attribute, which will give the remaining members of the group the ability to see the participants of the group who have left. Though the feature is under process, the remaining members will still be capable of viewing who has left the group. These features are undergoing processes like formation, establishment, and testing. They will require time and further changes before being officially launched. Due to the underdevelopment of the feature, it still has not finished yet. This means that the beta testers have to wait for the announcement of the release of this update. Furthermore, the date of the launch of this feature has not been revealed yet either.

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