Telegram’s Premium Subscription Confirmed Where Users Can Pay More To Get Exclusive Benefits

With so many social media apps making the most of premium subscriptions, it was only time before we heard of Telegram making its way forward with the idea.

The company recently went official with the announcement, that users holding premium accounts would now end up paying more to get some exclusive benefits. This includes larger file sizes and some more incentive features.

But that does not mean the company is unveiling too much right now. For instance, important details like pricing, advantages, and availability are yet to be known.

The news come just around a month of beta testing from the popular messaging service, where the CEO himself made the announcement through his channel in regards to the paid service.

CEO Pavel Durov says users can expect better speed and an array of additional features that he tried to keep hidden. But towards the end, he did give out a few hints like giant document sizes and bigger stickers.

But if you happen to be a Telegram user that’s more than happy with the current services on offer, then there’s nothing to worry about. You can continue using your free-of-cost messaging platform as premium services are for those looking for something a little extra.

Durov reiterated that all of the app’s existing features will continue to remain free of any additional costs so users can enjoy them as they did previously. He also revealed how the app has more in store for its regular Telegram users and they’re currently being planned out at the moment.

We’ve been hearing so many rumors about the launch of Telegram’s paid premium accounts since the year 2020. At that time, the CEO mentioned how plans were in the pipeline, and if they were to be released, they’d be targeting those with power and businesses.

However, last year, the company revealed how one of its major tasks had to do with releasing ads for monetization, which makes sense.

But that’s not all that the company has been up to. Recently, we saw Telegram spotting reaction emojis and huge stickers as a promotional activity for its premium account release. It seems to be a maneuver of what to expect soon and how new features would be up for grabs for those willing to spill out the greens.

Similarly, we saw the app’s famous slogan undergo some alterations too from ‘free forever’ to free of cost and unlimited cloud storage. And that would be the new code for the premium app that is again confirmed from the CEO’s message today.

As a part of his own posts on the leading social media channel, Telegram’s CEO says that the premium account would come in the form of a subscription. And there are some leaks from the recent few weeks that claim how the benefits may include 4GB for uploads, fun avatars, innovative reactions, profile badges, and so many others.

In the same way, the leaks we’ve come across speak of pricing plans too for this premium plan and that could be around $5 a month. But users don’t need to worry as future updates will be free of cost and will apply to regular user accounts.

But what exactly could the rationale be for rolling such a paid plan in the first place?

Thankfully, Durov did address this by stating how there has always been a huge demand for an increased limit on various media features and file sizes. Hence, the only way that could be made possible was through a paid functionality that needed to be funded by the app’s users, instead of advertisers. This way, it would ensure that the users continue to be the app’s leading priority.

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