SEO Researchers Left Confused As Twitter Removes Its ‘Nofollow Link’ From Posts And Tweets

Twitter users were recently left confused after the company chose to remove its unfollow link from its series of posts and Tweets on the app.

For now, it’s still not clear as to why the company has chosen to make this decision and whether or not it was done intentionally. Another major dilemma that many users happen to be facing has to do with search engines giving any value to Twitter links or not.

It’s interesting to note from Chris Smith how the decision was taken by the firm in the past several weeks but the exact date is yet to be delineated for the removal of the nofollow links.

Chris created a post on Twitter where he says that the app is no longer using these particular links and he even specified how it would include all those seen on profiles as well as Tweets, not to mention pages on the app will now only be limited to followed links.

Chris says the news is big, especially for those interested in SEO but these again are based on his observations and we are yet to receive any official notifications from the company itself.

If we recall correctly, back in the year 2008, Matt Cutts who was the firm’s lead in terms of search quality, had mentioned that this nofollow link was a part of the app’s bio sections. Moreover, just one year later, we saw the app incorporate the new rule for all of its different areas on the website, not only tweets.

Now that we understand this clause, we’re more than curious to know whether or not these types of links actually count for search engine giants like Google or perhaps Bing.

See, that’s where the problem lies because we don’t know if search engines will be following the rule or not.

To put it simply, we are still puzzled as to if the change will follow through with these search engine giants and hence if they’re going to be following and counting different links across Twitter.

From our past experience, we are aware that Google does at times treat different links that don’t have nofollow attributes attached to them. By default, we feel that Google may end up doing that with a number of different social media platforms like Twitter.

After all, it’s not easy to trust any links or even content that has been generated by users.

Another question that might be popping up in so many Twitter users' minds is whether or not the change will last. Well, we do suspect that Twitter will follow through with the change to its external links when more noise about this is made publicly. Hence this most likely will be a temporary change.

But why do we all really care about these nofollow attributes in the first place? Well, the answer is really simple. Twitter happens to be a leading social media network and it’s quite popular with marketers and those dealing with SEO.

Hence, if you continue to have unfollowed links, it would just give rise further to link spam, hurting the app’s useful potential and the links on the platform.

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