Telegram tests a Telegram Premium Subscription feature for added perks when chatting

If rumors are to be believed, Telegram messenger app might be developing a monthly paid subscription service to its users.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, tweeted that the “Telegram Premium” feature is being worked on by developers of the chatting app, while AP also reported that same.

Much like Discord’s Nitro subscription, the Telegram Premium subscription gives users a bunch of perks. Upon subscribing to this feature, users will be able to use premium stickers, emojis, reactions and more. It is also speculated that premium users will be able to buy or subscribe to Telegram Premium on a yearly package as well.

However, Alessandro Paluzzi hasn’t revealed the pricing of this subscription in his tweet and neither is there a confirmed release date set for this feature. Telegram Premium will help developers of the app with a lot of stuff without running ads or other methods of monetizing the app.

This will also help with user experience as they will be supporting the creators of the app while enjoying the perks that come with it.

Telegram might be competing or at least have taken the idea from Meta’s WhatsApp Messenger app which is also working on the same kind of Premium Subscription feature for their business app. Subscribing to that account would allow one account to have access to ten devices.

However, Telegram Premium differs in that it will allow users to have access to dozens of accounts of their choice. In that regard, they’re satisfying customers as well as beating their competitors.

Telegram was also working on a download manager which they released recently that allowed users to check their downloads and keep a track of their progress. Telegram developers also added a bunch of new updates including the ability to react to messages instantly with emojis and reply them while quoting them. They also added a navigation menu to search for a specific chat or keep a log of messages that you want to read.

It’s clear that Telegram is putting out new updates very quickly to compete with other similar messaging and instant chatting apps on the internet. These features and updates are very useful for the average user and are great to boost up user experience on the platform.

As it stands now though, the Telegram Premium feature has yet to be released, and it’s only rumored that it would come out. If the rumors are true, we could see a detailed list of new perks that the Premium Telegram Account brings to the table.

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