Google Interactive Search History has SEO in store this time

Google brings back yet another snippet of the past and it's getting people on their toes!

Google Interactive took a trip down memory lane last week and wasn't afraid to share it with the world. The subject of the infographic this time around was SEO. Google Search has changed a lot in the past year. This little snippet shows how much the engine has changed since 1998.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all that there is to know to successfully run businesses online these days. How your content ranks on Google is the key to generating traffic, hence getting your business to work.

The infographic starts by displaying the usual 'Search Through Time' with a line about Google's aim and changes over the years. Then the timeline takes you to 2012 with a scroller on the side to leave you to navigate all the years on your own.

The timeline starts by showing an icon with the page rank in 1997 and Google registered as a domain in 1998. The snippet also shows Google's first doodle and it does bring back a wave of nostalgia. Going on 2000, Google Inc officially launches, after which it shows how Google expands to catering to 10 different languages and its index reached 1 billion, all in the same year.

In 2001, Google featured its first international doodle. The next improvements from the same year were AdWords and the infamous 'Did you know?'. 2001 also was the beginning of images for Google. The next year brought about the Year-end Zeitgeist, Google APIs, News, and Shopping. In 2003, we got introduced to synonyms and the calculator - not much of a happening year. The next year Google introduced its Easter Eggs, Local, Books, and Autocomplete.

In 2005 we saw the most useful things coming around which include the Map, Weather, Sitemaps, Mobile Web Search, and Responding systems. 2006 brought about some advanced tools like finance, Google Translate, trends, and Google Doodle. The next year featured only a single change, 'Universal Search'. 2008 was Google Mobile App while 2009 had Voice Search, Emergency Hotline, and Product listing ads. The last year of the decade had Helped in times of crisis as a new feature and caffeine.

So this was a decade from how Google used to be back when it launched. It surely does give a sweet nostalgia and if you want to experience more of that, be sure to check out this little snippet to 2022.

Even Google's original tweet, which is now deleted, featured a crying emoji which made all of our hearts go a little soft. Google indeed has come a long way, and whether we are a part of it or not, we do feel proud of its success.

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