Snapchat Wants To Incorporate Elon Musk’s ‘Super App’ Strategy

While most people fail to take billionaire Elon Musk seriously, you just might be shocked to learn that Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel is on a completely different level altogether. He is not letting go of Tesla’s CEO master plan and talking about making Twitter a Super App.

Spiegel revealed recently at the ongoing annual Cannes Lions Festival that how he felt the idea was beyond brilliant and definitely something that he was looking forward to using for his own app.

For those who might not be aware, the super app is the name given to one that offers a number of different services across a single mobile interface. And while the thought is ambitious, Snap is willing to move forward with it.

Some firms may disagree and look at the idea as one that isn’t as fruitful as moving ahead with various apps that offer a number of services, each being specific to a particular niche. This is what Google and perhaps Meta seem to be following.

But that’s not the diversification that Snap seems to be wanting. Instead, they want to diversify in a manner that helps get them great engagement through the services on offer, using a mighty single application. This way, Snap feels it can better achieve its strength in business.

Elon Musk is definitely not the most predictable man on the planet. And while speaking during an interview in France, Spiegel mentioned that you can’t predict what strategy the Tesla CEO will use.

However, when it came down to seeing Twitter as a powerful or super app, he found the initiative very compelling and one that he’d like to adopt for his firm. The Snap CEO says that Elon Musk’s vision here is very similar to what his firm has seen take off brilliantly in Asia. And they’ve been trying to work at creating something similar to that.

But we can’t forget how Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover is yet to come into effect and many are calling out Musk as someone that won’t be able to handle the job too well if he’s going to work with such a carefree attitude.

Some are expressing a little optimism for Musk and his leadership abilities because they feel he has the talent to revolutionize the app and bring about change. But is that a good enough reason for Spiegel to adopt his concept, especially when we don’t even know if he was serious about it?

The interview slowly began to pick up pace when the Snap CEO mentioned that his role model and topic of interest was the success seen with WeChat and if that super app can do wonders, then why can’t Snapchat as a leading super app.

Spiegel then went on to explain how there is plenty that investors have been spending on across the years. From features like disappearing chats to maps that allow users to track their friends on the road too, let’s not forget the plethora of entertaining content and some AR lenses as well.

You can find it all across the Snap interface with the help of tabs. And over the years, Snap says they’ve only tried their best to stick to the core and not experiment too much into doing something really big.

If we take stats into consideration, Snap has around 330 million users that log into the app on a daily basis. And despite it having a daily active user base that exceeds 100 million when compared to Twitter, it still failed to produce the same ad revenue as the firm last year.

Hence, Snap has its own fair share of challenges when it comes to targeted ads. But at the same time, the CEO adds they’ve never tried to target users specifically and instead focus on ads through data in aggregates.

H/T: Axios.

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