No More e-SIM Headaches With Apple’s Upcoming iOS 16 Release

Apple is finally answering users’ prayers after adding a simple technique that swaps your e-SIMS to new iPhones.

Thanks to tech expert and avid Twitter enthusiast Carson Waldrop, we were made aware of the change regarding the upcoming iOS 16 launch. This means the new iPhone will provide support for e-SIM transfers from old iPhones to newer versions over the simple use of Bluetooth technology.

And we’re not going to lie because this switch definitely looks promising and effortless. All you need to do is allow for your phone number to transfer when you make the new purchase.

Right now, the process is so much more difficult with the iOS version 15. Hence, once you buy a new iPhone and you happen to use the eSIM, you’ll have to struggle and contact carriers to it issued again.

While some of the carriers might turn it all into an effortless and simple procedure with the help of QR codes on mobile applications, the rest force them to enter stores just to transfer their eSIM.

The eSIM swap support for the upcoming iPhone release is definitely going to remove these obstacles. But a new report by MacRumors (H/T: @carsonwaldrop) has also mentioned that this can be possible only if your designated carrier supports the Bluetooth form of transfer.

As we are all well aware, the iOS 16 is still in its beta phase so this new update is far from competing at the moment. Hence, we still don’t even know if there are enough nations or carriers that support the functionality completely.

Seems like we’ll be waiting until the fall season as that’s when the iOS 16 will be launched as for now, it’s being reviewed by the developers with some fun and customizable settings including widgets, shared image libraries, and so much more.

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