Twitter Launches Its Revamped Content Reporting Tools For The Masses With Promising Results

Twitter has recently made its new and improved Tweet reporting tools available to the masses.

The company says it’s now available for all users on the Twitter platform.

The initial launch of the revamped tools was spoken of last year in December. And that’s when the app mentioned how it was facing a series of harmful tweets and hence needed an approach that was designed to combat the issue.

The popular social media app also spoke in detail about how it was more than willing to take the ‘people first’ maneuver that made flagging tweets so much easier.

Previously, we saw the company requiring the need for navigation through menus, just so they could highlight any specific rules that they believed were broken.

As a whole, it was just bizarre and not too user-friendly for many in the long run as even those familiar with the app’s policies spoke about how they were having trouble. Many called it confusing in general and that’s when others began to highlight how so many erroneous tweets were not even getting delineated accurately.

Now, however, things are changing for the better. We are seeing a much better and improved process with each report starting off with users being questioned about what exactly happened.

Instead, of prompting them to make guesses about what went wrong or the rule they may have been guilty of breaking, users are given a chance to clearly speak about what went wrong, and hence they can now feel the ease to report tweets too.

This new process also allows others to shed light on specific users that they feel may be subjected to hate and discrimination on the app. This way, people are provided with an array of options where they can report different types of hate speech.

And before you know it, Twitter has even gone ahead to mention how their new tools are paying off. The app says there is a signification number of actionable reports being projected since we last saw the company performing a trial phase.


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