Meta’s Reels On Instagram And Facebook Receive New Features And Major Updates

We all know by now that TikTok reigns supreme in the world of video but Meta doesn’t plan on falling far behind as the company recently announced an array of additional features and updates for its Reels.

These will soon be available for both Instagram and Facebook and the biggest update amongst them all is related to a revolutionizing Sound Sync upgrade for Facebook Reels. Other than that, we are expecting to see more support for Instagram’s Reels that are up to 90 seconds in duration, instead of the usual one-minute limit.

The news comes as TikTok ventures into the footsteps of YouTube by producing video content that could last for ten minutes, instead of the usual three as seen before.

But Meta is definitely not planning on stopping there. We’re seeing a number of tools on their way to being launched including those related to audio, creativity, different templates, and a number of other options required to get more engagement on Reels.

Clearly, TikTok is making plenty of money and Meta doesn’t want to waste the opportunity that’s why we’re seeing it get more and more influenced by TikTok and its influence to generate more revenue.

Meta appears to be upgrading its already existing functionalities for Instagram and hence plans to get those on board for Reels. This includes the usual favorites that gather a lot of attention from viewers like polls, quizzes, and Emojis- the usual fun elements we see on Instagram’s Story.

While we do think it’s a great idea to make the most of what you already have in your repository, Meta just might end up going overboard and making it hard for users to differentiate between Reels and its Stories. And that could make it seem like it’s some sort of extension.

Meanwhile, another exciting functionality that could end up being introduced is importing audio where users could excitingly add their own commentary or use different background sounds for any of their videos that are five seconds or more in duration.

In addition to that, we’re seeing Instagram move forward with templates that serve as a new tool for Reels creation, making use of the same framework as they had already seen.

We saw this being in the trial phase in April and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s very similar in design to TikTok’s offering where users can align clips with their own choice of audio. Furthermore, you can play with a range of formats by simply adding your content and then trimming out those clips as per your preference.

But Facebook’s Reels isn’t falling short of its own exciting updates. One major new addition is the unveiling of Sound Sync which aligns a user’s clip with their favorite music. Yes, we know what you’re thinking.

This is an age-old formula that we’ve seen make massive success on TikTok but it will be interesting to see what innovations come our way as far as Reels for Facebook is concerned. We mean visualizations, interactions, and some startling animations.

We will soon be seeing the introduction of voiceovers being added too, another common ground shared with TikTok.

Other features that we recommend you keep an eye out for soon are tools for video clipping that make it so much easier for users to publish long formats. In addition to that, game creators can look forward to producing vertical Reels through their lives, bringing forward the best of gameplay with the developer’s camera.

Interestingly, users will now be given the chance to make and edit all of their Reels for Facebook through their good old desktop, while there are rumors about Facebook pushing forward its reels to its Feed on a global level. This will play an integral role as far as extending creators’ reach is concerned.

Yes, these changes are happening and definitely going to be worth your while. However, we might think Meta needs to focus a little more on improving the quality of its Reels as that’s a subject that has plenty of room for improvement.

While some of the features being unveiled are going to be launched as early as today like the audio tools, emojis, and templates, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the rest to be rolled out. But the company says it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks so we’ll keep you posted.

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