LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features Such As A New Comment Section And Reposting, With The Intention Of Increasing Engagement Across The Platform

LinkedIn’s adding new methods of increasing engagement across its posts for users, adding new comment sections and a repost option to the platform.

LinkedIn’s bloomed a lot in recent years, going from being a CV database to becoming a near-full-fledged social media platform in its own right. Just allowing users to post links to articles, or comment on daily world issues has turned the place around, and has even attracted a bit more attention. Sure, since potential employers are always watching one will never have the freedom of speech they can exert across other social media platforms, but LinkedIn’s environment is now more akin to coworkers gathering around a watercooler. You discuss current events, problems about your respective fields, crack a friendly joke, and get back to your respective jobs. These sorts of posts and conversations, other than making LinkedIn a more interactive place as a whole, have two other major benefits as well: the first is that engagement as a whole goes up on the platform, enabling devs and management to make more money off of its users; the second is that users can come off as approachable, and express themselves in ways that can make them much more enticing to employers. LinkedIn’s pulling triple duty, and it’s genuinely a sight to see.

So, what are the new features and how do they help? Well, the first one is a new comment section added to Events posts. Essentially, anytime someone opens up an event, people can now comment below the post. Other than driving engagement up, this will also enable users to inquire after details and such without having to personally message the instigating party or parties. It genuinely makes attendance for an event easy on everyone. Over 24,000 events are reportedly being created weekly on the platform, as reported by Microsoft’s performance updates, making this new feature an excellent attempt at capitalizing on this success.

The second feature is a new repost option, as spotted by Matt Navarra, which allows users to further carry on and spread posts made by other parties. It essentially acts like a version of the retweet button, which is Twitter’s life and blood. LinkedIn already had a Share button available to its userbase, but retweeting allows them to circumvent coming up with quirky captions every time something goes up.

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