LinkedIn Just Launched A New 'Funny' Reaction For Posts

It all started when some users received an alert in their notifications from LinkedIn that a new reaction emoji has been dropped. A reaction named 'funny' has been added to the other six reaction emoji’s on LinkedIn. The reactions help the users to interact with each other more. Previously, LinkedIn had only 6 emoji’s that were like, celebrate, support, love, insightful and curious. Now with the drop of funny emoji, the total reactions are 7 in number.

LinkedIn is a professional app where you can interact with different people for job purposes. This 'funny' reaction has been introduced so people can do something that evokes a funny reaction from them professionally.

Over the past two years, the platform has skyrocketed with several new users but it is quite difficult to manage genuine users and posts. People are criticizing this new reaction as it can attract many time wasters and idle talkers on the app. Just like any other app, you can also see fake users and posts on this app that need good handling. LinkedIn is a professional app that has thousands of professional users that talk about different professions. If a funny reaction is added, people will stop talking about serious things professionally. This can cause many unwarranted posts.

Many people have also criticized this new 'funny' reaction. Most users say that this reaction will only produce more unnecessary and fake posts which only want to evoke funny reactions. This will result in meaningful and important posts getting lost and they will not reach the targeted audience.

Back in February, LinkedIn CPO said that they have received requests about adding funny emojis. He said that humour is indeed serious business so they have to take measures to solve this problem for their users. A little funny reaction will cause no harm if people will use it for a little harmless fun.

So it is kind of a good thing that LinkedIn listens to what their users want. The funny reaction was a highly requested feature on LinkedIn by the users. Everyone needs something funny in their life, even if it is on a professional app. So LinkedIn did people a favour by making one of their 'funny' reactions so people can have light-hearted conversations with each other too. Just use this reaction when it's really necessary and then users are good to use it.

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