Chrome tests a new feature for its download manager; drag-and-drop support

Google has been testing new features around Chrome UI for a while now. Following the new feature, users will find the menu next to the URL bar (AKA omnibox) instead of where it used to be. It is a great improvement since the previous version made it difficult to monitor activities taking place like the downloading processes or the time being shown.

What we are excited about is a feature that comes along with the latest Canary update, the drag-and-drop feature. This allows users to drag-and-drop files while working. Imagine being in the middle of an intense work assignment and you do not have to open up multiple folders to copy-paste or browse your downloads! This is indeed a necessity that everyone certainly needed.

Since Google hasn't made an official announcement or a UI debut, where did this news come from? Well, it was spotted by u/Leopeva64-2 one fine day and shared instantly on Reddit. The thread includes the great announcement of Google's latest update that now allows you to drag and drop files straight out of the panel! This is a good improvement, as many users agreed since it adds to productivity.

Now how can a simple drag-and-drop option have such a big impact on everyday work? The reason why this feature is blowing is because it will not only increase productivity but efficiency as well. For those who are always moving from file to file, this is perfect. It saves them time and a lot of strain. This could also be quite handy for editors who can now directly drag pictures to photoshop after downloading.

Where to find this feature? There is one little requirement. You will need to have the latest Chrome Canary installed to access this feature. After you've acquired that, the next step is to activate this feature form behind a flag. You can activate this hidden menu by activating the 'download-bubble' flag. What exactly is download-bubble now? It is yet another experiment that is available in the already existing version of Chrome.

Although the feature is great, we are afraid it is going to be just a trial feature. We hope this stays because, for those who have already discovered it, they cannot find anything better!

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