Instagram’s New Filter Feature Could Drastically Impact Reach For Some Accounts

Instagram has called for a new update that filters out all sorts of content that some users might deem to be sensitive in nature.

And while the thought process behind the update may seem to be appealing, keeping in mind the types of content on display in today’s time, there are some clear weaknesses that are coming out in the open.

The feature enables users to decide how much sensitive content they consider to be acceptable and hence can set up limits in this regard.

But when this feature does come into play, it will greatly affect the reach of some known accounts because the Sensitive Control for Instagram content can vary for everyone.

Remember, what you deem to be okay to view, could actually be super offensive to another. And when you’re dealing with all sorts of people on the app, the variations will definitely come into play.

The feature will soon be available for users in the Settings tab, where they can select the amount of content this wish to view across the app’s Reels, hashtags, recommendations, search options, and accounts in general that they’re following.

While the update was first released by the app in the year 2021, we only saw it being limited to the Explore tab.

Remember, creators that post content that the company feels is sensitive to people could end up being removed or reduced in terms of reach. But that’s only when so many people come into play and make use of the functionality.

Instagram has defined the term sensitive as one that entails content that might be a little upsetting for some viewers. And while it does not necessarily break rules, it could be removed or lowered in terms of reach.

Some of the common examples provided by the app include violence, fights, explicit, sexual, tobacco, drugs, and content promoting a specific product or service, including those promising some added health benefits.

Therefore, users will be given up to three different options to control such content. The first one will be the standard heading which is a default state. Secondly, you have the More which allows for some sensitive content. And lastly, you have the Less that really restricts a lot of content that is sensitive.

Remember, the More button is only present for those above the age of 18 years.

Instagram’s latest control option is a part of the app’s latest edition to its tools series that is designed to give users more control over how they wish to mold their overall experience when using the app.

With time, the company says it hopes to further enhance a number of other features like restrict, comment, mute, control, and block as well.

And in case you’re wondering how to change your control for sensitive content, it’s simple and comprises just three steps.

Firstly, you press Settings from your respective profile and then click on your account. The label for Sensitive Content Control will appear. Now you choose your content level of preference and press to confirm to complete the procedure.

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