Apple Stuns Crowds After Putting The World’s Weirdest Laptop On Display At WWDC 2022

Today’s WWDC 2022 was jam-packed, to say the least. We had tech experts from all over attend Apple’s grand event where some surprises were appreciated while others were clearly mistargeted.

Apple gave the world a closer look at some of its latest devices including the latest variants of the iOS, Mac, iPad, and some stellar hardware products, not to mention some interesting health features too.

While there was plenty to talk about, what really shocked many was the company’s choice to display the controversial MacBook Air with its M2-power functionalities. It was known to include the screen notch that hails from its 2021 MacBook Pro design.

Still, we feel it could have gotten much worse in terms of portable designs for computers in Cupertino.

Apple chose the world’s worst laptop for this year to display its highly anticipated passkeys feature that would soon be rolling out for users this year. While it was a Windows laptop being used to display support, many questioned why the company would even think about going as far as it did to demonstrate its updates with this monster machine.

Well, the answer is simple. They needed a machine that would be able to show that the passkey feature works on non-Apple devices too but definitely, we feel there were some better options out there.

It is frightening to see the outlook of the device. Moreover, it was not only scary to look at but it was also interesting how it fails to resemble any other notebook seen in the real world. The device was taken from the 2000s and then created to appear intentionally ugly when lined up against Apple’s new, chic, and sleek designs for laptops.

As far as the features were concerned, well, it was huge in size and while it may have appeared as small to some, you can’t forget the giant screen borders that were running in all directions. For charging, there was an LED and it was complete with a wireless approach for connectivity. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was so ancient and embarrassing.

Someone, the laptop on display did manage to rise above the specifications allotted by Windows 11 and that means we can’t even complain about it not meeting the system requirements label.

Whatever the case may be, many are still trying to figure out why such a huge and leading tech giant would use a clunker machine and leave out all others for its demonstration.

With all due respect, we just might not be too surprised because we feel Cupertino does tend to get into the habit of putting together such awful appearing machines to put on display its services when dealing with archrivals and their platforms.

In 2021, we saw the demo of cross-link between Facebook and an Android phone and that again featured a chunky device with poor screen cutouts too. Yes, we’re going to say that Apple is using the same strategy to display ugliness that goes above and beyond all of the principles of logic.

In this case, Apple just needed to showcase hardware and the rest is history but the extremes that the firm goes to sometimes are questionable.

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