Instagram is working on Augmented Reality text and 3D stickers in stories along with the ‘See in AR option’ in the NFT display

A while ago, Instagram tested a non-fungible token (NFT) display on its IG feed. However, this was made available only for US NFT collectors who have bought digital items and there isn’t any fees for sharing collectibles on Instagram. Now, ‘See in AR update’ on Instagram will enable users to build new AR experiences. This will expand opportunities for creators to display virtual objects and interact with communities. Users have to connect to their digital wallet, and then they will have the access to select which NFT they want to share on Instagram. Simply, digital tokens can be displayed on social media platforms where the users can experience 3D objects in the physical world. They can share their two-dimensional NFTs and feel the possession of their ownership.

Well, this is of course not ideally possible to experience AR NFTs in the world of realities. But, one can own NFTs and blockchain technologies in the physical environment. At places where you are already present, you can show NFTs in your profile and share them with your audience. ‘See in AR option’ will allow users to view NFTs through the app’s camera. This will provide the next level of user interaction with augmented objects such as virtual paintings, accessories, and more. Right now, the See in AR option is accessible to a handful of Instagram creators and NFT collectors.

Additionally, Instagram is also testing new AR fancy texts with 2D and 3D animated displays, and AR stickers that you can share in your stories to engage with virtual objects. Alexandro Paluzzi, the social media researchers shares some images that show how AR elements will look on Instagram story options. To use AR stickers and texts, first, you upload a real scene and then select digital stickers of your choice and place them on your favorite spot. This idea of incorporating virtual elements is a worthy initiative but still not a new one. As Snapchat already rolled out a lens five years earlier, that allows creators to provide a virtual touch to their physical space. Snap’s World Lenses resemble Instagram’s AR feature and encourage the community to move around in and experience virtual reality.

To conclude, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to make NFTs and AR technology accessible to every consumer. He also plans to introduce NFTs on Facebook. With the release of AR elements on Instagram, more people will be able to explore the metaverse. It is worth mentioning here that non-fungible tokens are the key component of the economic development of the metaverse. This exposure and expansion of the virtual world will accelerate creativity for people around the world. Let’s see when AR stickers and texts will be available to the general public and how they will create opportunities for NFT collectors and creators.

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