Here are Some Android Security Apps That Are Best For Corporate and Consumer Users

Everyday security threats for android devices are increasing. These days it is getting hard to protect the device only with Google's built-in security. There is a strong need for security apps that can make your android devices more protected, especially for corporate users as their data is more important and shouldn't get leaked to any third party. So, AV-Test has put forward some of the best android security apps that will help in protecting your devices securely. Let's see what they are.

What you should look for in a security app is that it should have three important features: Protection, Performance and Usability. You can check some of the best security applications for corporate and consumer use. They are AhnLab, Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, F-Secure, G DATA, Ikarus, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, Google,, securiON, Sophos and Trend Micro.

These apps appeared on the list after passing a test. Most apps scored a good 18 score and some got 17 and 17.5. But what type of features concluded that score? The apps mentioned above were put forward for users after complete and comprehensive research and experiments.

First and foremost, the apps were given a task to protect the android against malware. For corporate users, TotalDefense detected malware 100%. Dr Solution detected the problem 97%. In the security app for consumer users, 7 apps detected 100% malware.

A good security app should have a minimum amount of data running in the background. The lesser the load on the app, the more it will perform smoothly. When the test was conducted to see how much background running the above-mentioned apps have, the result was negative. That means all of the apps have excellent speed and they do not need any additional data for their handling.

The next step in the testing was app usability. The test was to see if these security apps see the normal android apps as a threat or categories them as harmless. The result of this test was different for corporate and consumer apps. Games and other entertainment apps are not downloadable on corporate smartphones so different business apps were downloaded to the device to carry out the test. In consumer devices, games and other apps were included. In corporate devices, there was no threat detected. So the security apps received a full point of 6. But in consumer apps, some alarms were seen. F-Secure and Ikarus were the apps to receive 5 points. Others had 6 points so it was proved that the security apps were best to use on consumer devices.

The data after testing all the points proved that you should not rely on Google Play Protect for making your devices and apps secure from any viruses and hackers. The chance of detection of viruses by Google Play Protection is so low and this way your apps can be in danger and the malware can act as termites. For consumer users, 12 out of 16 apps got full 18 marks. This means these apps have your back and will protect your device from any unknown users. The lowest points were 15.5 for the Ikarus app but it was still better than Google Play Protect. This means you can't rely even a tiny bit on Google Play Protect as it does not offer good protection in comparison to the above-mentioned security apps.

Consumer users can also enjoy additional offers from these apps. You can also protect your data on Wifi testers, VPN etc. But most of the security apps have a premium version by which you can use these features. It is because they take licensing fees too.

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