More Than Half Of All Americans Believe Misinformation On Social Media Has Affected Their Empathy Levels

The world of social media can really take a toll on us all. And this isn’t just something that we’re all made to believe, it’s reality proven by statistics and research experts.

Now, a new study has gone as far as stating how more than 50% of all Americans believe their empathy has decreased thanks to social media and the widespread misinformation.

The study was conducted in the form of a survey by the United Way of the National Capital Area. According to the results, a startling figure of 57% of Americans strongly felt that social media was to blame for their lack of empathy towards any given situation.

In addition to that, around 26% of the people surveyed felt they have been left with no choice but to get authentic information from sources other than social media because that is where things have come down to.

Interestingly, it was not only Gen Z who felt this way but people from all generations that had similar responses regarding the huge crisis of empathy burnout.

Researchers even went as far as defining what the term meant and that was related to how so many people become so exhausted because they begin spending too much of their energy on caring for others that it truly drains them.

The study comprised a series of questions that would best assess their feelings and hence better determine the cause of their burnout.

These questions revolved around compassion and what makes them fatigued as well as how they tend to cope with the stress that’s present around them. And more than half of the respondents held social media’s misinformation accountable for the ordeal.

See, the problem has to do majorly with how many people rely on social media as their daily source of news. And that, in turn, adds to their problems because there are way too many incorrect stories being portrayed and people are believing them too.

The overall matter is nothing less than a crisis. There is a foundation that’s built beneath this information and it’s very weak. This insecurity has been forwarded to so many people and that is what contributes to anger and violence because these beliefs get challenged by the masses.

In the end, what we are left with is a platform where abuse and misbehavior are so common that when it does not happen, we feel that something must be wrong.

Also, it’s not incorrect to assume that social media also makes it so much simpler to fool people around us. And in the end, these platforms benefit the most because they’re minting thousands in cash each day.

It’s like taking gullible people for granted and maximizing your goals around those means. And in the end, people don’t realize that these apps and platforms are making more revenue through nothing but lies.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so many others have been called out for years and no matter how many policies are released to combat misinformation, we still stand in the same place because that’s how big we’ve allowed the challenge to become.

With technology revolutionizing, we’ve allowed ourselves to become victims and the pendulum is tilting to the dark side. We are saying hello to a resource that spreads hate, instigates fights, promotes propaganda, and welcomes false information. And the research says that people have two faces now. One is hiding behind the veil of social media.

Did you ever think about why it’s so easy to attack someone on social media? The reason is that you’ll never be held accountable for your lies or wrong behavior. So, what’s the solution, if any?

Well, there is always hope to be optimistic. Some are trying to break the curse but one thing is for sure. It’s going to take plenty of work and effort.
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