Here Are the Most Demanded Tech Skills for 2022

The tech industry has become a popular choice for employees that want to take part in an innovative sector and make good money while doing so. With 33% of the global tech industry, the US remains the single biggest market in the world, with the total value of its market share estimated by Comptia to be around $1.8 trillion with all things having been considered and taken into account.

This data comes out of a report that was recently released by Comptia, and it suggests that the tech industry is growing at a steady rate of 5% to 6%, indicating a return to pre pandemic levels. That means that the global industry is likely going to exceed $5.3 trillion in value by the end of this year, and employment in the sector is likely going to follow the same path as well. The tech industry is a popular choice for candidates because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up giving them stronger job prospects and greater job security.

Certain tech jobs are projected to grow five times this year, and the general rate of employment in this sector is twice the national average. In spite of the fact that this is the case, one can’t get a job in tech without first acquiring some necessary skills. There are ten basic skills that tech firms are currently hiring candidates for, and blockchain is obviously something that would be in high demand.
Cybersecurity is also a highly useful skill to get if you want a tech job, and many skills also focus on the back end of IT. This includes things like cloud computing, machine learning, data science and analytics and software engineering.

Smartphone oriented skills are also a great way to get a high paying tech job. Android and iOS developers are quite well paid, and they also have some great remote work opportunities due to the inherently decentralized nature of the job. User experience and user interface skills are also highly valued in the tech industry, as are AR and VR specialists due to the increasing emphasis on such tech spurred by the rise of the metaverse. DevOps skills are also valuable for getting the best jobs that tech has to offer.

Focusing more on AR and VR, the metaverse alone is expected to create hundreds of billions of dollars in value and the jobs that are associated with this sector will be similarly lucrative. The metaverse market is predicted to reach around $678 billion by the start of the next decade, and many of these jobs will create satellite roles that would also need to be fulfilled.

It is estimated that for each new individual job in the software development sector, nearly five additional jobs, or 4.8 to be precise, are created for support roles. That means that tech experts can work their way up the ranks by getting a supporting role while they gain the experience necessary for the big jobs.

This reveals that the tech industry is not just creating lots of jobs for graduates, it is also contributing greatly to the economy. Many of these high paying jobs are eschewing the college education requirement entirely, with several up and coming startups preferring to hire coders and programmers who are self taught.

Hence, this opens up a host of possibilities for individuals that want to break into the world of tech. Jobs like these are becoming increasingly plentiful, and it won’t be long before the scope of these roles increases as tech becomes an ever more prevalent and essential aspect of our daily lives. Blockchain in particular is expected to see some tremendous growth in the next few years.

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