Twitter Sets Ambitious 13 Million Daily Active User Growth Target For This Quarter

Twitter appears to be on an ambitious mission in terms of the growth of its users. And that’s why the company is raising the bar in terms of daily active user growth for the upcoming quarter.

The social media giant says this will be its most ambitious period ever as mentioned by leaders of the social media organization’s division for customer products.

The firm revealed its incredibly high expectations regarding daily users and how it plans to increase its monetization in that regard. This news was confirmed at the company’s internal meeting and declared by Reuters on Tuesday.

This is being looked upon as the biggest goal for the company’s team that has ever come into play.

The organization adds that Twitter is back on track in setting targets and doing everything in its power to achieve them. For now, we know that the company has already managed to gain a growth of 8.5 million users and this is undoubtedly being looked upon as the best growth that has taken place to date.

With the news came a 1% increase in the firm’s shares that was recorded during the afternoon trading hours.

The organization based in San Francisco says it needs to maintain an ambition that attracts different users and that’s even after its deal is yet to be acquired by Elon Musk, adding a great level of uncertainty to the whole situation.

On Monday, we saw the Tesla owner send out a letter via his legal team members to Twitter on how he has every right to back out on the basis that incorrect information was being given regarding the number of fake profiles on the app.

Hence, if more transparency wasn’t provided, he wouldn’t be hesitating from stepping out of the mega $44 billion deal. Musk further mentioned how this information is required for appropriate verification and is a part of his rights that were originally declared across the social media platform’s agreement with him.

But Twitter has responded and decided to stick by its original argument of how the figures provided regarding spam and fake accounts are accurate and they’ve used similar techniques in the past that have even been approved by the SEC.

During the first quarter of this year, we saw the war in Ukraine boost the company’s user activity by a significant degree. But that did come with a decline in the amount of time spent across the app, nearly 4% to be exact.

Since then, we’ve seen Twitter mention the addition of nearly 20 million during its second-quarter which was recorded for 2020. This has to be the company’s greatest quarterly earnings growth since 2019.

So many users were seen flocking to the platform in regards to the news being delivered towards the start of the pandemic.

Ever since then, we have seen the organization struggle to stick to its guns in terms of achieving ambitious long-term goals. This is in regards to both revenues as well as daily active users. And in the end, it was forced to resort to a freeze in the hiring process and think of means to save up on expenses.

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