Take A Stroll Through Your Old Neighborhood With Google Maps New Time Traveling Feature

If you are a time machine enthusiast, Google Maps have a feature that will let you travel back in time with a few clicks on your device! The application by Google is a necessity in today’s world. You can easily sign in to the app and view real-time traffic, preferred routes, and blockages. Even if you are a tourist in another country, the application will make sure you are never lost, and its benefits are endless!

The recent update by Google in its application may allow you to take a trip to the past. No, it does not include you being seated in a car and speeding back into the time. Instead, Google Maps provides you with a hidden and handy feature that is the key to turning it into a time machine.

Were you ever disappointed taking a trip back to your home town and realizing everything had changed? The homes, streets and even the lamps are now different. It does not bring you the same comfort and that strong nostalgic feeling anymore. Suppose you are feeling a tad bit sad about losing a part of your childhood. In that case, worry no more, as Google Maps is here to take you down the memory lane. No, it does not ask you to close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through your childhood neighborhood. The platform constantly patrols the streets to update their street view. While the constant changes being updated on the street view are handy, one cannot help but ask what happens to the old street view? Does it just vanish after being replaced? Is it deleted and forever gone? Or is Google secretly storing the old views and building an archive? If you guessed the third one, then you are right! The platform has been building a massive archive of street view collections over the years. Google Maps is making use of its archive collection and releasing it to the public through a feature. Here is a handy guide to taking a trip down memory lane via Google Maps

It does not work on mobile applications, so you will need to turn on your PC, maybe a laptop or desktop, open the browser (preferably Google Chrome) and search for Google Maps. Once you are there, initiate the street view feature and wait for it to load. The process may take a while, depending on your internet connection and availability. If it is taking too long, check out the router and make sure that the internet is working. Once the street view is available on the screen, you can simply select and drag the yellow figurine. It is called a pegman and can be moved to any section of the road. The streets will glow with a blue hue once you have selected and are in control of the pegman. The blue color also makes it easier for you to identify where the pegman can be moved. Pay attention to the left corner of the tab open, and you will see a brief description. If you are unaware of the contents, it is the palace you are currently viewing on Google Maps and mentions the month and the year. A timeline will appear once you click on it, and then you will gain access to a light gray colored circle. Turn the circle around, and you will be able to experience any changes that happened in the area over the past few years. If you are lucky, the archives may also include the years that you were present in the area, and you see it in all its glory! Once you are on the time of your liking, simply click on the street view and you can move around and explore the street view from the past!

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