Facebook Launches New Push For Groups That Promotes Engagement On The App’s Sidebar

Facebook seems to be on a new mission that promotes engagement for groups. Many users are probably noticing the change in the form of a sudden outburst of notifications regarding the matter that has your news feed buzzing this week.

The company is looking for a more diverse way to interact with groups by allotting a special space on an app’s sidebar for group notifications, not to mention a plethora of other unique options to carry out small-scale discussions within the same group space.

For starters, you’ll find new sidebar sorters that test group listings that you would be a member of. Simply swipe right from your regular news feed to get a glimpse of what we’re talking about.

As can be seen from these pictures, the listing mentions all of your member groups in a sequential order that’s related to your activity.

On the display seen on the side, you’ll also find some wonderful engagement chances such as the capacity to mark a specific group or perhaps pin it as your favorite. Similarly, you can even find more groups or develop some more from the list of prompts.

In the same way, users will be able to see several links to different events, stores, and more. And that just adds a simple way to stay organized within your group elements. Remember, it’s not easy managing groups on social media and staying abuzz with all the latest happenings. It also encourages users to share content more often across the app.

Meta has noticed a drop in the engagement levels by a significant amount and that’s especially true with the younger lot who are supposed to be making up a huge chunk of the target audience.

And the added pressure from archrival TikTok is not making things easier, we believe because that app is doing wonders in terms of user interaction while Meta records a routine flatline on its app.

But that’s not to worry because Groups on Facebook have always been a pivotal point for engagement and if Facebook does indeed come up with clever ways to present this aspect, we don’t see why more users won’t be motivated to engage.

Additionally, the company says it is introducing a number of sub-group options for more engagement. This comes to us in the form of Community Chat Channels, topic discussions, and the ever-so-popular audio rooms.

With the introduction of Community Chat Channels, members of different groups can be given the chance to interact in real-time through Messenger and also through Facebook Groups.

The Facebook Audio Channel feature, on the other hand, is another version of the classic app Clubhouse. Here is where different members can join hands and engage in real-time conversions that are solely based on audio.

We saw the official launch of this by Meta last year where selected group members, public personalities, and even some creators could interact. Now, however, all groups can come on board and host live sessions in the audio rooms to better cope with engagement across the app.

What’s interesting is how Facebook is now choosing to launch this venture, which is at a time when Clubhouse’s popularity has declined to a huge extent. In general, people are not into audio rooms anymore.

Lastly, Facebook has revealed the addition of Community Feed Channels. This is another great method to highlight relevant groups, and their discussions, and find elements that pertain to various members of the community.

We believe this can serve as a great way to connect around a particular topic and hence facilitate greater engagement for those having specific interests.
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