Pinterest, Airbnb, And Twitch Fined For Failing To Store Russian Users’ Personal Data

As Russia continues with its conflict in Ukraine, the company is certainly not laying back on other aspects including its tech industry. And that comes as proof to us in the form of a recent development where a trio of leading tech firms received a fine by Russian officials.

The list included the likes of Twitch, Airbnb, and Pinterest too but thankfully, the sums aren’t high enough to break their bank accounts.

Russia says these tech companies are not storing personal data that belongs to Russian users across servers present in the country.

On average, we’re looking at a fine comprising 2 million Russian Rubles. Meanwhile, UPS received a fine of just 1 million Rubles. Therefore, after looking at the exchange rates currently, we’re seeing a bill of $37,000 while UPS is just a bit over $18,000.

Remember, these are some leading tech firms whose revenue per year run in billions as reported in 2021 so we don’t see it doing too much damage.

We do feel that the fines could have been avoided but after looking at the current rates of currency exchange, we all might as well laugh it off. But wait, the country can also come up with additional fines so we might need to keep a lookout for that.

H/T: Reuters

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