Meta Launches Its Reels API For External Usage By Third-Party Platforms

Great news for brands from Meta as the company is now offering some great options to those willing to put up Instagram Reels on their user accounts. This includes Meta launching Reels API for external usage.

This addition allows different platforms such as Sprout Social to enable users to engage in posting from one platform to another and better analytics opportunities on just one dashboard. Moreover, it’s a great way for users to be more mindful of their different social posts as well as schedules in a single place.

And if that doesn’t sound enticing enough, you can soon say hello to the addition of Instagram Reels as another exciting option via these tools.

Meta plans on launching the feature this week, as it hopes this will enhance the publishing of content with consumer experiences. And it doesn’t matter if users are using the feature singlehandedly or with the help of third parties.

Meta adds that it’s no surprise that Reels is a successful feature on the app and that’s why developers recommend that it be used the most on various endpoints that the world is familiar with.

But what can you do with the exclusive API? Well, there are some endless opportunities including scheduling of posts, providing moderation, adding insights, and also incorporating hashtag searches throughout the Reels feature.

Meta has always declared Reels as one of its main priorities with data going as far as revealing how content related to that genre has users spending nearly 20% of the time on the app. Meanwhile, it has always been proven that around 46% of accounts are busy engaging with Reels on a weekly basis.

Hence, it’s obvious why it would be deemed as an integral element for different brands. And with the help of the new feature, it’s going to be so much easier to incorporate Reels as a part of any user’s mix across different platforms. Therefore, this is one feature sure to be worth your while.

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