Facebook Users Asked To Review Their Security As App Bids Farewell To Its ‘Trusted Contacts’ Functionality

Facebook will be removing the Trusted Contacts feature very soon and the news is making a lot of avid users of the app anxious.

For those who may not be aware, this feature from Facebook allows you to select any friends or close acquaintances whom you blindly trust. Therefore, in the case that your account gets locked or you lose complete access to your account, you can use their help to get back to where you last left off.

All you had to do was move on over to the Settings tab and right below the Account tab, you could enter your password and security. And that’s where you were asked to name three to five of your best friends that would be contacted, in case you lost your account.

But with the functionality being removed soon, many users are thinking about what’s next. How can they select friends that assist them in logging back into the app?

For starters, you can always update a few of your details in the account settings tab. Make sure your email, as well as your phone number, are updated regularly on the app. Similarly, Facebook also provides regular updates on how users can keep their accounts secure so you might want to glance over that one too, just in case.

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