Businesses Are In The Middle Of A Potential Crisis Thanks To Inadequate Workplace Technology, Claims New Report

New research by Freshworks has gone on to unveil the truth about different workplaces and how they’re in the midst of a potential crisis. And it is related to poor workplace technology.

As far as the study conducted is concerned, the research was able to find that 9 out of the 10 employees had reported subpar software, leading to great frustrations across the board.

On average, a massive 71% of those leaders surveyed claim that so many workers were on the hunt for a better job if the current employer wasn’t providing them access to key tools, data, or state-of-the-art technology that was needed to fulfill their duty’s basic requirements.

And let’s not forget the ongoing talent war where more than 50% of the employees around the globe are still on the lookout to change their job positions and are even hunting for the best technology.

The study proved how although these factors might seem tiny to some, they really end up making the biggest impact in general, adding to a key prerequisite to worker satisfaction.

So many employees in this study couldn’t stress enough how technology at the workplace is definitely not up to their standards. This included numerous reports about huge failures relating to the technology on offer, every single day.

Moreover, other common but similar complaints had to do with slow speeds, long responses from the IT departments, poor communication and coordination between the different departments, missing out on key features, and also very little automation.

The research also showed how poor technology at the workplace just does not only affect the people in the workforce but also is providing harm to the enterprise as a whole.

Keeping in mind the pandemic, so many corporations spent nearly $15 billion in terms of extra funds to pay for technology, every week. This was so they could activate their remote working maneuvers and get things back on track.

Today, dated technology is serving as a huge hindrance to a firm’s productivity as the level of frustration amongst workers increases as do the great challenges related to the IT sector.

On average, more than 50% of employees feel that their poor software gives rise to so many issues and hence makes them so much less productive.

Interestingly, around 44% of those employees that were surveyed said that they spend so much time dealing with technology-based issues that have been continuing since the start of the pandemic.

And as you can probably imagine, the stress levels of these employees are now near breaking point because how much is too much?

On average, the study showed how nearly half of employees working in different organizations feel super stressed due to the software on offer. Meanwhile, around 48% stated that it just overwhelms them completely and affects their mental well-being in a negative sense.

The same goes for leaders who feel that since they can’t deliver proper technology to their corporations and other stakeholders, the whole scenario leaves them feeling so stressed and isolated.

We hope studies like these can help raise more awareness for firms and bring out an impactful solution to prevent burnout because the issue seems major.

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