AVTEST conducted an analysis on the best security tools for Windows and here is how the results look

An average person uses a variety of devices in their day-to-day lives. People use devices like laptops and PCs in both their home and office lives. These devices are also prone to viruses that they can get from the internet by downloading stuff like, software, movies, games etc.

AV TEST is a German institute that does research on IT security and provides detailed analysis on the security of devices and OS. They have been doing this work for more than 15 years and their team consists of IT experts from Magdeburg, a city in Germany. They provide tests for people with all types of operating systems and their usage of the device. Furthermore, they share lists of tools for people with business devices and for people who use their device for home use.

The research that they conduct and its conclusions are regularly posted on their website for free, and today we will talk about one such analysis. The firm recently published an analysis on what antivirus software are best for Windows for both business and Home users. The results were based on three factors Protection, Performance and Usability.

While talking about the business use devices Ahn Lab, Avast, Check Point, Comodo along with many others scored the first place in Protection category. The highest performances were of Bitdefender ES, GDATA, ESET, Kapersky ES, Kapersky SOS and many more. The lowest was Checkpoint’s (4.0) and Withsecure (4.5). The Usability of all of the brands was high with most of them having 6.0 usability and the lowest being 5.0 (Comodo).

As for the home usage devices the highest protection was held by many (6.0) and the lowest was 5.0 held by Microworld. The best usability was shown by most of the brand mentioned in the results but the lowest was by PC Matic (3.5). This leaves only the Performance and that was very good with only one brand having less than 6.0 which was AVG with 5.5.

In the end we just want to say that protection of a person’s computer whether it be personal or work revolving is important and that they should take steps to ensure that the personal information stored in the device doesn’t get out and become a point of tension for the user. If you are one such person looking for the best brand for your cyber protection, we hope that our article has helped you find what you were looking for.

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