Most UK Consumers Have Some Worry Or Stress Related To Digital Security, Confirms New Report

In the world we live in today, it’s not uncommon to be anxious or fearful of what the future holds. Just like in most parts of the world, consumers in the United Kingdom claim to be fearful of their digital security and the figures are alarming.

A new study by the Circles of Trust says that around 70% of British consumers are worried about the alarming threats of the digital world and how they are prone to serve as vulnerable targets.

This particular study by cybersecurity experts at Utimaco (Via MP) says the UK public is very much aware of the threatening situations that it’s surrounded with, perceiving the world of digital risk as an integral crisis.

Those people who were polled showed responses of various intensities. Around 15% claimed they stress about it a lot while around 55% claim to worry about it less but the concerns are still there. Meanwhile, about 30% believe they aren’t too concerned about the situation.

Among those that are less likely to care are those that belong to the younger age group. These are the ones situated between the late teens and early 20s.

Around 30% are expressing fear after they’ve been true victims of various digital crimes. Be it online fraud, loss of identity, or simply a loss of their data- these people claim to have experienced it all. Around 10% of those say they’ve had very little harm due to those incidents but obviously, no one wants to be a target. In the same way, around 5% of them did complain of the great damages that were associated with digital crimes.

Those in their 50s say they were not victimized as of yet but they are concerned about what the future holds.

But with that said, people are not giving up on the great potential of the digital world. So many are super eager to make use of digital services that grant access to a wide array of benefits, especially healthcare.

Meanwhile, those who aren’t too keen on digital healthcare include those belonging to the younger age groups- 18 to 24 years.

The world of digital media and information technology is very vast and we can understand where such concerns are coming from. In terms of interacting with government sources, 50% feel more comfortable with digital meetings while just 20% would like to meet on a more personal or physical level.

On average, 23% had no choice or opinion on the subject while 7% feel they aren’t too sure on this matter.

But it’s interesting to note that on average, not too many people trust the government in terms of keeping their data private or secure. However, many internet users do feel we are entering an era where we’ve been left with no choice but to make some comprises in this regard.

After all, everything from your transport and education to your job has become digital and will be connected to technology.

The same survey was also carried out in Spain as well as Germany but this particular study that we’re referring to was from the UK.

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