Apple’s Safari Browser Gets New Sharing Tab And Replaces Passwords With Passkeys For Logins

The highly anticipated WWDC 2022 for Apple is finally here and while it’s still ongoing, we’re getting more updates regarding some exciting features being introduced by the company.

Most recently, Apple spoke in detail about its Safari browser and what users can expect in terms of updates. Remember, Apple calls the Safari the world’s quickest and most powerful browser of all time on its Mac interface. Therefore, with this much fame and recognition, they’ve certainly had to live up to the hype.

For starters, Safari is getting a new sharing tab where users can share the fun of browsing with those who mean the most. Be it friends, loved ones, or even acquaintances- the choice is all yours.

But that’s not all, the world-famous browser is also on its way to revolutionizing the age-old concept of passwords too. The company is introducing passwordless logins which means getting familiar with the concept of passkeys as the new norm.

This is being hailed as the new standard by Apple which has taken help from the FIDO Alliance for its creation and rollout.

Passkeys are definitely a modern take on passwords and it wouldn’t be wrong to dub them as the next generation way of thinking and working. They usually work by using powerful techniques for cryptography while taking biometric data via a system that’s in-built into each phone.

This face of touch-based ID procedure paves the way for a unique login that’s very different from the norms of classic passwords. These are usually stored through web servers while passkeys, on the other hand, remain on your device. This way, the risks associated with phishing attempts or passwords being stolen are reduced by a huge amount.

Apple has been talking about replacing passwords for a while now and it now appears that the move is definitely coming into effect soon. And while the concept related to both Touch identification or identification via the face is a fairly new one for many, the way it syncs with various Apple devices through end-to-end encryption is definitely something that requires applause.

This new login system is designed to work across both the world wide web as well as different apps. Moreover, the company says that users can also gain access to websites or different applications that aren’t restricted to just Apple devices. With the simple use of the iPhone click, users will get access, adding great ease and convenience across the board.

Passkeys are created with one thing in mind. They are designed for syncing a number of Apple devices in the most secure manner with various platforms or apps. Apple has also confirmed how users can log in to websites featured on the Chromebook or any Windows computer with their iPhones.

In the same way, the company revealed how both Google and Microsoft browsers have also gone as far as providing support for this new and unique login technique.

For now, the new updates related to Safari will solely be limited to developers only. However, the company says it doesn’t want to make end-users wait too long for the update so a release in July can be expected.

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