Apple Introduces New Parental Control Feature Update For Its iOS 16

The mega WWDC 2022 has finally arrived and that’s where we saw tech giant Apple unveil a new update for its iOS 16 which entails a more enhanced parental control feature.

Apple says the introduction of the new functionality is going to be a sign of relief for many parents as it would add ease to controlling accounts and will also make the requests from kids a simple procedure.

While the number of new updates unveiled at the conference by the tech giant was plenty, one that really stood out was the company’s drive to set up restrictions at a faster pace. The firm added how the new update would make it so much easier for parents to get a number of restrictions running.

This is in relation to both apps as well as different forms of entertainment for the younger lot. Hence, parents can expect to receive easy and fast access to some of the common features needed to get the Family Sharing set up quickly.

To enable the process of setup, simply bring over a device of a child closer to the adult one and that’s it.

The difference is that previously, whenever a new request was sent out through children’s accounts, parents had to go through some major hassle in the form of settings to get those changes up and running.

However, once you’ve got that new update in place, users can find the request for changing settings in their Message options.

Similar to the option before, children have the capability to request a longer period of screen time among other notable changes. Now, parents will also be given the chance to give full authorization for those specific changes simply by going to their messages.

Other than that, we know that the Family Checklist update will help in making the entire parental control feature a much more smooth sailing procedure while setting up an array of controls for parents.

The end result will also entail a long list of tips and some helpful suggestions for parents to better the process along the way while giving parents the ability to change the settings whenever their kids attain an older age.

Family sharing is a wonderful control option that was first released by Apple in the year 2014 using the iOS 8. With time, we’ve seen the functionality show improvement, although little by little.

And in the end, it gave parents a much better means to not only share but also provide control across Apple devices that young kids were exposed to.

This functionality is proven to give up to five different people from the same family access to various services offered by Apple. This could include Apple Music, TV, News, Arcade, and more.

Other than that, family members in the same household can also gain through the Family Sharing Plan much greater access to features like iCloud+. And as known previously, all of the content will be regulated by parents and hence can determine how much access their kids will get.

Apple says the new update will be rolled out for users by the end of this year, along with the launch of iOS 16.

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