Good News For Apple Users As The New iPadOS 16 Could Serve As A Laptop Replacement

For a while now, we’ve been hearing so many dedicated iPad users speak in detail about how they wish they could find a replacement for the traditional laptop. And while the search continued, the ongoing WWDC is shedding light on how that day isn’t too far.

Thanks to the iPadOS 16, there are more speculations on how the device could better be seen as a laptop with all its functionalities as compared to just another tablet computer being launched.

It’s an upgrade that many have been waiting for a long time and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that’s one of the reasons why the iPadOS 16 category in the WWDC was full to the brim. This varies greatly from the iOS16 section on its own.

Now, the company has gone about sharing two different aspects that it feels Apple and iPad users will love and they’re both related to power. For starters, there was a great talk about apps related to the desktop-class.

The tech giant went into great detail regarding this. They delineated how the new feature would open a broad range of capabilities that are customized for the device’s display. Similarly, they shared how the system allows for all sorts of features and elements that range from specific toolbars and editing experiences to redesigning and some replacement options too. File extensions would be upgraded as would the requirements for file sizes.

Hence, there are all sorts of interactions taking place with this new system in place.

Secondly, the company highlighted how they’re going to have a Stage Manager. This is the tech giant’s version of an innovative system that supports windowed apps. It also provides great support for a resolution that goes up to 6K.

And when these new changes are aligned against the different apps, you can have four across the iPad with four on external display simultaneously too. Hence, you would just use them like you would be using any other regular laptop!

Remember, different apps can have different prominences but the one that you happen to be dealing with currently will be highlighted at the forefront. The rest will be seen on the side, in case you need them for faster access.

We see nothing wrong with the layout. In fact, we can see how this is being a seamless fit because with a number of apps open simultaneously, it still manages to make things work in an organized fashion.

The entire aspect is touch-friendly, where users can drag and then simply drop down the different tabs or windows at any point in time. This just highlights things so much more and puts things into perspective.

Of course, these functionalities are solely restricted to the iPad Pro as well as the Air version. And that means the other Apple designs won’t be getting it, which we aren’t too surprised about.

All in all, it’s a change that we hope goes above people’s expectations including those iPad power fans who have been in search of and longing for the upgrade for a while now.

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