Apple TV Users May No Longer Be Able To Gain Access To Facebook’s Video App

The great thing about smart TVs is that they let you gain unlimited access to some of the greatest social media apps out there. But it looks like we may have spoken a tad bit too soon as Apple TV users are now complaining about how they can’t access the popular Facebook video app anymore.

In case you still haven’t taken advantage of this, the smart TV by Facebook enables users to get on board with the latest live streams, television programs, and video-based content too that are all aired on the platform.

Hence, you can watch everything on a bigger screen from the comfort of your bedroom, theater, or lounge. But as recently reported by 9to5Mac today, that access may slowly be dwindling away as more and more users are making claims that they’re no longer able to do so, right after updating the feature.

The news was further validated by Apple TV users who shared some screenshots recently on MacRumors which showcased a new notice that popped up on their screens after they made attempts to open up the Facebook Watch on the television.

Photo: Firefighter2021 / MacRumors

This boldly stated how Facebook’s Watch TV application is not available anymore but users could still be able to find plenty of videos across the regular app. Interestingly, several other users complained of getting the same notice.

We first saw the company roll out its unique Watch App for Apple TV way back in 2017. And that was moments after it arrived on the smart screens of Samsung. Similarly, the app was then made available across various other consoles and smart televisions, while you could always go back to the regular main app for desktop and smart devices to get the same benefits.

But if you’re still very adamant about using the Watch app for your Apple television, you can always make use of Apple TV’s watch app by casting it through their phones onto their television screens. However, it’s definitely not as convenient as the old method where all you had to do simply was pop open the app and relax.

For now, we’re not sure if this is an actual change that the company plans on adopting or perhaps a glitch that has taken center stage, thanks to the new update. What we do know is that Apple TV continues to be a part of the list of supported platforms.

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