The Latest Variant Of Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Will Showcase The Company’s ‘M2 System-On-A-Chip’

After watching Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook recently let the cat out of the bag in terms of a possible mixed reality headset, we’ve got some more news on this breakthrough ordeal.

The company is reportedly planning on launching a flood of innovative devices as early as next year and this could very well be one of them.

It’s all thanks to Bloomberg tech analyst and correspondent Mark Gurman who revealed some more interesting details about what we can expect from the headset in terms of its interface. And that includes an M2 system on a chip design that features a RAM capacity of up to 16GB.

The latest information became a part of a recent newsletter which also delineated some more information on what users can expect from Apple in terms of a plethora of devices that the firm intends on releasing in the next year. And one gadget that definitely caught our eye has to do with the latest speaker called HomePod.

Another report from The Verge has recently highlighted how quite a few other Apple analysts have also hinted at the new headset as one that will feature up to two different microprocessors. And as stated by Ming-Chi Kuo from Apple, one of them would be instilled with the same features as the tech giant’s MI microchip. Meanwhile, the other one would most likely be linked to a lower-end design that can handle information using the program’s sensors.

It’s a huge deal because we’ve been hearing speculations about this much-anticipated product for years now and it’s interesting that the firm is yet to confirm the launch date. But we do feel that the day is coming closer when we’ll be able to appreciate Apple’s version of a headset.

With time, we did catch some very obvious clues about how the company was making use of a shell firm to achieve its licensed trademarks for its RealityOS. In the same way, we found plenty of developers link references to the tech giant’s own systems in the App Store’s logs.

But the biggest hint of them all came from Apple CEO Tim Cook while speaking for an interview with China Daily. And that is when he expressed his great excitement, adding how he just could not be more grateful for the wonderful opportunities that the world of AR and VR brings with it, with an added ‘stay tuned’ teaser regarding that front.

Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

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