Apple Left Alone As Meta And Others Unite To Create Community Standards That Foster Compatible Digital Worlds

It looks like Apple is on its own again as Meta and a number of other leading tech giants recently united to help create a group that would assist in fostering digital worlds that would be compatible with one another.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that this is in line with all those who see the Metaverse as a potential platform of the future that will revolutionize the tech sector forever.

Common names included in this Metaverse Forum were some huge names in the world of space like chip designers and gaming giants. In the same way, we’re expecting to see the participation from the W3C be included as well, as confirmed by the group on Tuesday.

For those who are very observant, Apple was definitely missing from the bunch of leading names as many tech analysts had predicted the firm to play a dominant position in the race for the metaverse. This was predicted after the firm would go about launching its latest headset that was not only VR-based but mixed reality themed. The launch was scheduled to take place by this year’s end or as late as next year.

Other notable names that we felt were missing from the leading lineup included both Niantic and Roblox. Similarly, there was a clear absence sighted from crypto-based firms like The Sandbox

Now, Apple is not publicly announcing the release of its headset but it did manage to give the world a sneak peek of what they might be seeing in the form of a teaser as recently reported by Bloomberg.

Similarly, we failed to see the tech giant make any announcements of its plans for the metaverse and now we’re a little confused like the rest of the world regarding what it really wants to do.

Remember, it is definitely in Apple’s best interest if it were to unveil a headset that served as a great source of healthy competition against arch-rival Meta. The firm has obviously made its stance really clear from day one that it’s investing full-throttle in the Metaverse.

The company feels strongly that it really wants to make the leap into the interconnected virtual reality for all and that’s why it’s putting all its focus and funds in that direction.

Meta’s Cambria headset has been publicly disclosed and its mixed reality-based features are definitely a product that the masses are viewing for obvious reasons. And as far as its release is concerned, it’s scheduled for the end of this year.

We’ve seen Apple being more focused on making web standards like its HTML5 a reality. Hence, when it came down to 3-D content for the exciting metaverse, Apple made sure it worked with leading names like Pixar and Adobe to get the best files for support of the format.

The leader who happens to be chairing this forum for the upcoming metaverse says there are no limitations on any firm to join the project. And that stands true for those dominant players in the world of crypto.

He also elaborated how the goal is to promote interoperability for the platform but he failed to comment on any effects of Apple missing out

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