5 Advantages of a Dedicated Hosting Provider

Dedicated hosting VS. other hosting solutions

Choosing the right hosting solution for your web presence is a responsible task. Hosting is the base upon which your website is able to operate. That’s why, if you want your website to work smoothly, stably, efficiently, and securely, you have to find a decent hosting solution for it.

There are basically three main types of hosting – shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated server.

Shared hosting providers are often chosen by new businesses or blogs that do not have either a high budget or high requirements for the hosting service – they do not need to run very powerful apps and do not handle sensitive data. So, shared hosting is generally OK, but you shouldn’t expect very high standards of security and performance from it, as you have only a part of a physical machine at your disposal and there isn’t much regulation as to the use of it.

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As your business evolves, the need for more promising solutions arises. A VPS might be the one. It’s still represented by a part of the capacities of one single physical server, but, in a tricky way, this part is dedicated – you pay for the fixed number of resources and you can always rely on them. The chance that your data and performance are damaged by the neighbors is minimized. Moreover, you have your own operating system with root access and your own IP. These advantages are delivered by virtualization technology.

So, VPS is a good choice for an affordable price, but it is still not omnipotent – capacities aren’t still maximum, and neither is the security.

Among the available hosting solutions, dedicated hosting is the most powerful, and the most reliable one. It is, however, also the most expensive one, so not all businesses can afford it – and not all businesses need it. As the choice of dedicated hosting is a pretty much responsible decision and has to be approached carefully, we’ve prepared this list of 5 advantages of a dedicated hosting provider, to help you make up your mind and see, if this is exactly what you need.

The advantages of a dedicated hosting provider

1. Security.
A dedicated server is completely at your disposal. As we’ve mentioned other hosting services always suppose that you are going to share your capacities with someone else, which can be a source of various problems. These problems might come directly from some of your neighbors – being hosted on the same physical machine, it might be easier for them to hack you. Or, even if any of your neighbors isn’t a hacker, then you can still be hacked by a hacker that has already hacked one of them.
Furthermore, if any of the sites hosted on shared hosting are involved in malicious activities, like spamming or spreading malicious software, then your website can get into the blacklist of search engines.

Sharing capacities is a significant issue in terms of security and performance and it’s just not present within dedicated hosting. Rent a dedicated server and feel safe in your fully dedicated environment.

2. Maximum performance.
There are limits to what shared hosting can offer and there are even limits to the possibilities of VPS. There are even limits to the potential of a dedicated server, but so far it’s the best option. If you need to handle demanding corporate software, heavy files, or very high peaks of traffic, there is nothing better than dedicated hosting to cope with these tasks.

3. Flexibility.
With dedicated hosting, you have much more freedom in configuring your server as you see fit. While on shared hosting the choice of software is limited by the provider, on dedicated hosting you are authorized to choose anything, any operating system or app – and you’ll have enough space and power to do it. There is even more freedom than with VPS, as you don’t have to reckon with your neighbors and avoid installing apps and packages that could harm their performance.

4. Dedicated IP.
A unique IP can be allocated to a separate server only. If you rent shared hosting, you can’t get one. A unique IP is important for a variety of reasons. First, the IP is the way by which search engines differentiate between websites. If several websites are hosted on the same IP, their activities can be mixed up. Thus, suspicious activities of any of your neighbors can push you down.
Second, a unique IP is required to get the SSH certificate. Without it, your connection cannot be secure enough for certain operations, which can be dangerous for operations that involve sensitive data, like financial transactions. This makes dedicated hosting the best solution for websites like e-commerce.

5. Cost-efficiency.
If your business requires a dedicated server, then you could of course just buy it. But in this case, you would have to invest plenty of resources, both from and financial and managerial point of view. As a dedicated server needs maintenance, updates, and technical support. All these services are provided automatically by dedicated hosting providers, so renting a dedicated server from a provider could be a much more rational decision, than buying it.


If you want the best hosting for your web presence and you can afford it, then a dedicated hosting provider is the best option. It has definite advantages over all other hosting options and it’s still more cost-efficient than buying a server. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you check out Hostzealot dedicated server hosting USA if you are seeking an optimal dedicated hosting solution for your business. We hope that this article has made things more clear to you.

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