Meta Makes Sure Its Top Stars Never Leave By Adding New Creator Monetization Opportunities

As the old saying goes, a company is only as strong as its current workforce. And when it comes down to Meta, they know that their leading stars are definitely content creators who drive in plenty of engagement and hence revenue.

Therefore, what better way to thank your stars and make sure they never than by adding incentives in the form of better monetization opportunities?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, the firm is launching some exciting options that have so many people continually posting on the app.

For starters, Meta is in the process of testing out a unique feature for Instagram that’s called Creator Marketplace. Here is where so many brands will collaborate together and be aware of the plethora of opportunities on offer.

Creators can begin by listing down their specific interests and which content they wish to create. This will then end up assisting brands in finding a match for their relevant media campaigns.

Meta already has something similar working in its favor called the Brand Collabs Manager. This will end up facilitating a similar endeavor but with the new option, the whole thing would be more centered around Instagram.

This paves the way for Instagram creators to unite and world towards a centralized goal.

In addition to that, the company has recently unveiled its decision to expand the Reels Play Bonus which is another great option for Facebook creators who may now be given the chance to showcase their Reels across both Instagram and Facebook.

Remember, the more apps involved, the more chances to earn revenue through the apps. And we saw the firm launch this directive last year too as a part of its drive to get more content creators on board to put up Reels through both these apps.

Reels have been trending for a while now and they’re definitely bringing in plenty of revenue.

Hence, it makes absolute sense as to why we would expect Meta to allow for cross-platform collaboration for its reels. After all, you don’t want your leading stars to end up finding better opportunities on YouTube or TikTok because there’s nothing worse than losing the potential to earn.

Similarly, you can say hello to Meta’s Facebook Stars. This is being hailed as a new donation fund for creators that are eligible so they may begin earning via popular content formats like Videos, Reels, and Live sessions.

To make the process sound simpler, you can think of it as a virtual currency that can be bought in heaps where Facebook users can allocate the funds to their favorite stars through live stress sessions.

So far, the eligibility criteria for getting a hold of stars for creators were to have at least a fan following comprising of 100 users, manage Gaming Video pages, and also Livestream content on two days of the week for a minimal span of 4 hours.

Recently, we’ve seen Meta expanding the functionality to its Reels too and as you can probably imagine, this will give rise to the opportunity to have creators earn more via the app. For now, we are aware that it’s up for grabs in most places of the world but there are definitely some restrictions for various locations.

Another great option that Meta is introducing has to do with its interoperable subscriptions. As the name suggests, creators will now be given the chance to allot paying subscribers across various apps the chance to get on board with Facebook groups that work on a subscriber-only basis.

Last but not least, how can we forget about NFTs. We saw the tech giant make news about the launch of this desirable feature last year in May for Instagram. Therefore, we’re now seeing them expand on the same concept with beta testing taking place.

Meta revealed how it’s also working on bringing NFTs to Facebook too and the first people to take part in the test include some US creators.

However, people are still very skeptical about NFTs in general. Some question what value they hold now as they’re more relatable to the future of the digital world. Meanwhile, others feel it’s just another scheme to help some get rich while adding little to no value.

For now, we’re not quite sure whether the current NFT images will remain to trend in the future but we know that digital assets value is going to increase indefinitely. Whether it’s clothing for your avatars or other virtual-themed goodies, it’s time to prepare for change because there is plenty of interest in today’s market.

Another great piece of news that Meta has shared was related to the company putting a temporary halt to revenue sharing schemes for both its leading apps until 2024. Hence, creators can be prepared to get on board with claiming 100% of their money which was raised through badges, bulletins, events, or other subscriptions.

We personally call this a valuable addition as more and more competition takes center stage for the best content creator talent. Hence, we see why the firm wants to evolve continually and fails to take a back seat and watch archrivals like TikTok or perhaps YouTube barge into its space.

Meta showing great interest in its creators is just proof of how much value they give them and we know they’ll be needing their assistance in the future when it transitions into the Metaverse too.

If talent is gone now, you may never be seeing them come back again.

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