Apple Is Incorporating A New Automatic Verification Feature Into Its iOS 16

In an effort to help bypass the CAPTCHA verification, leading tech giant Apple is in the process of adding an automated verification feature to its iOS 16.

Recently, we did come across a video that was shared by the firm on its developer website. This shed light upon the different types of technical details present and how they would come into play.

The new feature will reportedly become a part of all the devices from Apple that run on iOS 16 including phones, iPads, and the famous macOS Ventura too.

To help get its new and advanced private access tokens into play, the company also recently announced how its Cloudfare would be providing support, alongside its Fastly. Therefore, any CAPTCHA verification would need to be bypassed through the company’s apps and sites.

The news comes to us by a new report from tech news media outlet MacRumours which says iOS 16 will now be giving support for this bypass across different apps and sites that follow the verification prompt.

For now, the iOS 16 version is undergoing its beta phase. However, the update can be viewed by users by simply clicking on the Settings tab and further going to the Apple ID and then pressing security, and then finally automatic verification.

After being selected, Apple's iCloud will finish the verification deal automatically and through private means. This way, both the user’s Apple account and their smart device will be verified. Any programs or sites needing CAPTCHA would come to an immediate halt.

The new feature was also presented on Apple’s developer site in the form of a video that best guides viewers on what to do next and how they can benefit from the advanced feature.

Both iPads and iOS 16 have the automated feature on as a part of their default settings as of now. But you can still find the software updates on the Mac soon, as this will be launched by the end of the year.

At this year’s WWDC, we saw the tech giant make some keynote announcements regarding the iOS 16, iPad 16, the mac Venture, and also its latest Apple Watch series. In the same way, there was some chit-chat about the new MacBook Air. Lastly, the company did introduce the highly anticipated MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen as a part of its mighty offerings.

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