Apple Regains Its Top Position As The World’s Most Valuable Brand In Latest Report By Kantar Brandz

Kantar Brandz 2022 report is out and it’s a party for Apple which managed to regain its leading position as the world’s most valuable brand this year.

This honor was bestowed on the tech giant for the first time since the year 2015 and it makes sense as to why it’s a big deal.

These rankings are said to be based on a brand’s real value in today’s fast-paced digital world. But if we had to do into the specifics, well, that is related to the amount of premium that a firm can charge in regards to the ways people view the brand.

As far as Apple is concerned, Kantar believes the value is a little less than one billion dollars.

The company has really come a long way with about a 55% rise in its overall brand value. This allowed the tech giant to gain one spot up to become the world’s most valuable brand on these rankings.

The brand’s total value was also delineated to be $947,062 million and that is how it becomes a clear global leader as far as brand value is concerned. We believe the company has its software, hardware, and other grand offerings to thank for this huge honor.

Meanwhile, we’re also getting reports from a leading market intelligence company that declared recently how Apple is leading the pack for not only one but two huge trends in 2022. These include the world of technology and luxury.

We’d like to note that this is a big deal because other competitors in the Luxury trend were designer fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and even Cartier.

In general, American brands really topped the list this year for Kantar Brandz global rankings, making up more than 50% of the total. After Apple, it was search engine giant Google who came in second and Amazon closely followed to bag the third spot on the list.

Next came Microsoft, Tencent, and fast-food chain McDonald’s at the sixth position. Facebook nailed the eight position after being beaten by Visa. Alibaba was ninth in line while Louis Vuitton came in last.

We aren’t too surprised at the rankings but we are happy to see Apple really make progress in terms of adding more value to its products and services and hence deserves due recognition.

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