Apple smartwatch series 2 proves to be a life saver for a female swimmer in cold water

Along with the release of the water-resistant iPhone 7, Apple. Inc had launched a second-generation series 2 smartwatch back in 2016, having the ability to remain waterproof, and has been incorporated with an amazing swim tracker. The smartwatch has now become an essential component of swimming exercises and it is a device that has become a lifeguard after the incident took place in Oregon, United States.

Earlier on, a woman dialed 911 from her Series 2 smartwatch that she had been stuck in the Columbia River in severe cold temperatures and immediately required a lifeguards' team to save her life. The Police rescued the woman in hypothermic condition and was feeling difficulty in breathing. The swimmer was trapped in the water for more than half an hour and fortunately, she was wearing a smartwatch that helped her to make an emergency phone call to 911. To know how she was rescued by using an Apple Watch, you need to read the full story here.

So you might have heard of an SOS Emergency feature on Apple devices. For those who don’t know, it’s a call for help feature used in unexpected circumstances. The smartwatch that doesn’t keep cellular will not be efficient on calling emergency numbers on a nearby iPhone. Alternatively, if your iPhone is not near to you, the smartwatch needs to be connected to a known Wi-Fi setup. Apple smartwatches enable users to call for help in emergency situations using SOS by pressing the side controller for a moment or two. You only need to have set an action plan to work without the iPhone nearby. Simply, if you dial an emergency number, your smartwatch will share your exact position with the local emergency services and they’ll be timely informed of the inconvenience.

Coming back to the story, when the life-saving team reached the place for rescuing the woman, they put a ladder towards her while moving away from the rocks that caught her. But, the first rescue trial failed. So the team decided to go inside the fast-moving water to free her foot from the rock. Finally, the officer successfully reached under the water and brought her to the river bank.

This was the whole story that deciphered how a life was saved by the Apple smartwatch. Apple watches are the most essential swimming companions and are made to use in open water swims. Series 2 watches are 50m water-resistant. These watches not only enable you to access applications but also turn out to be a life-saver in dangerous situations. Anyway, this story was wrapped up happily as Apple Watch helped the swimmer to call 9 11 otherwise there could be a dreadful scenario at the end.

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