The Finest Tech Gadgets for Children Prescribed by Their Parents

A survey that gives insight into what technological gadgets children adore, which assist them in learning and which products are getting purchased by the guardians for their kids. Almost every kid in the US fancy a smartphone and 1/2 of the kids own them. The survey discloses that mobile phones are the fundamental device for kids below the age of 18. About 1/3 of the children use tablets essentially and every 1 in 10 kids utilize a laptop.

The data provided here is collected by PCMag via a survey carried out from 20th to 23rd March in the year 2022. The participants of the research were 1079 who were all preceding the age of 18, all of those people were required to be a nurturer for 1 or more than 1 child under the age of 18. When the survey asked about which one of the gadgets kids use and allowed their parents to select more than one option at a time, the values increased exceptionally, however, the sequence of the gadgets remained constant. Which is followed by mobile phones, tablets, and then laptops. Changes in the sequence occurred only in gaming control panels and PCs with web browsers, as they reversed places from chart to chart.

The survey took a little deeper dive by asking the guardians whether their children own a device or share it with anyone else at the house. It is 82% for mobile phones, it is 80% for tablets, 71% for laptops, 68% for PCs, and 67% for the gaming control panel. PCs and laptops are habitually the most shared devices with a ratio of 32% for desktops and 29% for laptops.

Talking about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The survey wanted to assure about how using technology improvises the children in learning. A majority of 80% of the parents claim that the use of technology has been extraordinarily impactful. Speaking statistically the value for science was 75%, for mathematics 74%, and for engineering, it was 70%. A minority consisting of 2% per each branch of STEM claims that the usage of technology in their children has been not persuasive or prominent at all.

Now it comes to the important query of the survey which is what gadget guardians want to purchase for their children. The majority of participants agreed that they would purchase their child a laptop or tablet. 37% selected smartphones, 30% chose technology-based toys and the desktop chose 28%. Desktops are the most pre-owned yet slightest wanted products for kids, smartphones are high in demand by youth, and laptops are considered essential for homeschooling.
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