A new survey reveals what consumers are expecting from Web3 and Metaverse

The virtually designed internet platform, Metaverse is not a new term for us now. It’s rather an amazing and interesting development in the future of realities. According to a public poll created by UTA and Vox researchers (via Insider), 90% of people are looking forward to entering into the Metaverse created by their admiring personality. Hollywood artists have also joined Metaverse and this has led the majority of fans to explore more Web3 technologies built on Metaverse. However, considering the common man, people are unaware of the method to explore the virtual world. It is tough for people to grasp the idea of the Metaverse.

Despite this at present, most people are buying NFTs and creating their game avatars on Metaverse and (for now) they seem to be enjoying this new experience in their Oculus headset. The survey conducted by UTA/Vox included more than four thousand consumers whose age lies between thirteen to sixty years and it appeared that only a few of the respondents know about metaverse, despite this, around 68% of teenagers and 88% of Gen Zs have been engaged in games such as Fortnite and Valorant. According to the data, 68% of the respondents were shown to have a huge interest in their favorite game players, a burning desire to meet and follow a musical artist at 62% as well as athletes at 59%. Moreover, were rated comedians, actors, and influencers at 59%, 58%, and 56% respectively. Researchers concluded that 87% of Americans would love to engage in metaverse that goes around their beloved personalities and their favorite fictitious world.

Furthermore, four out of five participants said that they want to experience art, culture, fashion, movie theatres, musical concerts, dramas, games, and celebrities in the virtual world. Futurists predict the upcoming era as the time to see the dreams and make them true in the augmented world. Metaverse will continue to grow and gain more users all over the world. Researchers believe that in the next few years metaverse will take the entertainment industry to the next level. Virtual reality-based glasses will become cost-effective in the next ten years and people would love to play video games. 67% of respondents say they’ll prefer playing their favorite games while wearing interactive Oculus headsets, 59% watch live professional/collegiate sports, 55% watch movies, and 52% watch music videos and listen to music. Analysts from UTA and Vox assume metaverse is an ideal augmented world to read a comic, watch TV programs, and play games. Franchises can get the immense engagement of consumers on metaverse as it removes all sorts of hindrances that occur during communication of people from all walks of life to enjoy live gigs without going anywhere physically.

As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, the metaverse holds countless opportunities for creators. Metaverse will give big-budget Hollywood storytelling, the next stage for entertainment.

In the metaverse, entertainment is possible by 3 key factors: creating a room for individual creativity, exploring Hollywood storytelling, and creating new worlds. 40% of participants in the study said they wanted their favorite movie franchise through metaverse and the majority of anime fans (43%) were interested in the installment of comic books.

Metaverse avatars are another key part. Consumers who want to engage in their passions in a carnival, spend finances to elegantly beautify their avatars. With spending, users’ profiles in the application will also become highly ranked and the higher the ranking is, the more the profit would be. Researchers believed that 66% of users who enter into metaverse would prefer to engage with a community that resembles their passion and interest. In addition to it, 50% of users think metaverse will make engaging with content related to hobbies and preferences better.
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