YouTube’s Top Earning Gaming Channel Earns $53k Per Video, But Did He Just Get Lucky?

Sitting around and playing videogames all day long for a living might sound like a dream job for anyone, but is it really as rosy as it sounds? Reading up on how much big name gamers on YouTube manage to earn might suggest yes. Casinoscore recently conducted a study that showed how much gaming YouTubers earn, and the winner in this category turned out to be A4 who also combines lifestyle vlogging into his channel.

A4 earns on $53,000 per video on average, and he is the third most subscribed gaming channel on YouTube with just short of 40 million subscribers. Other massive YouTube gamers PewDiePie and Fernanfloo far outstrip him in the subscribers category, with 111 million and 45 million subscribers respectively, but in spite of the fact that this is the case they fall well short of A4 in the earnings category.

Fernanfloo earns around $42,000 per video, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that PewDiePie earns a relatively low $14,117 per video despite having more subscribes than A4 and Fernanfloo combined. This might entice a lot of readers because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to get rich whilst doing little more than play videogames, but is it really as easy as it sounds?

It can be easy to assume that the success that these YouTubers have received is the byproduct of their talent, but it’s also likely that luck had a role to play with all things having been considered and taken into account. It might be more difficult than ever for a new gaming YouTuber to break into the field because of how saturated the market has become. Many old school YouTubers who quit just a bit too early might have a hard time getting their lost glory back, because newer gamers have started to dominate the market so much so that even the once absolute dominance that PewDiePie enjoyed is no longer the case.

One thing is for certain though: gaming YouTubers earn far more than their contemporaries who focus on other genres. Even though PewDiePie’s earnings fall short of the highs he had once seen, his channel continues to earn at least $3 million a year and that’s something that most well established TV actors would be happy with.

We are seeing an era in which a brand new medium is starting to emerge. Similarly to how TV was not taken seriously in the past, with the assumption being that only movies could tell serious stories until at the turn of the Millennium TV shows like the Sopranos showed that that was not the case, YouTube and other digital media formats are seeing a renaissance.

Gaming YouTube might be hard to break into, but there are still countless other possibilities. It will be interesting to see what these numbers look like ten years from now, because if there is one thing that we have learned it is that there is no telling who might become the biggest name on the platform more or less overnight.

H/T: Forbes.

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