Apple Proves How Successful Its App Economy Has Been Under Its Reign With 2.2 Million Jobs In The US

Apple and Google are in the hot seat after new legislation appears to be targeting the companies for more reasons than one.

And while that seems to be entering the Congress today, Apple couldn’t have picked a better time than now to showcase how successful its own app economy has turned out to be, thanks to its leading reign.

The tech giant has unleashed two leading reports and both the analysis are nothing but sheer praise in terms of job growth as well as earnings related to the community involving iOS developers.

In regards to Apple’s app economy, we’re talking about the addition of jobs that account for 2.2 million in the US alone. And to help put things into better perspective, that’s a staggering 118% increase when looking at previous records from the past two years.

Apple used the Analysis Group to generate the research findings, which also happens to be the same company that produces reports for the tech giant in the past such as when it needed backup to show the world its structure for commission. This includes the leading number of commerce occurring thanks to the iOS apps in place today.

We saw the same figure blast up by 24% to a staggering value of $643 billion with the company mentioning how more than 90% of it was free from the commission.

But this year, we see the company trying to prove a bigger point than usual. And that appears to be related to how the current system is in good use, its workings on fairgrounds, including how the commissions obtained are aligned with other leading competitors, and how the overall work is doing wonders for the country’s economy.

However, you can’t miss out on the general tone that resonates across the platform. If you ask us, it’s nothing less than a bold warning to regulators that they should be very afraid of who they’re working against.

For starters, we saw Apple share its research report by shedding light on figures that date far back as 2019. There was a staggering increase of 113% and that appeared in just a two-year time frame.

In other words, it surpassed the earnings you see made by other leading developers by nearly double the amount. Apple also delineated what smaller developers meant and those in the US come under the earnings of a little more than $1 million each year, not to mention a little less than 1 million downloads per year.

In the same way, we saw Apple’s research shed light on how many new developers became a part of its App Store in 2021. The majority came from Europe while China was a close runner-up. These nations were followed up by America and Japan while other regions including Brazil and Korea were included too.

Smaller developers hailing from Germany and the United Kingdom had also increased.

Meanwhile, we’re seeing Congress fight forward with its own list of app store billing policies that are a part of the Big Tech reform that is surely going to impact firms such as Apple to a great degree.

Thanks to the EU, we could soon be seeing the Digital Markets Act be launched by spring of this year. And this entails a long list of obligations that must be met by so many that classify themselves as internet gatekeepers and those operating these mega app stores.

Last year, we saw a report come into place that spoke highly about how tech giants like Google as well as Apple would be facing an intervention in regards to the way they regulate app stores.

But as you can probably expect, Apple will not back down without a fight and that includes a major clause in the DMA that states users would be allowed to install apps that arise outside the Apple app store.

The term reserved for this behavior is sideloading and Apple definitely plans on fighting against it because it strongly feels that the practice will turn iPhones unsafe. Moreover, we’re seeing the tech giant also engage in a legal battle with the developer of Epic Games in regards to sideloading again.

Apple wants a commission to the practice of allowing games outside the app store from being installed by users. But Epic Games is more than reluctant to give Apple any share.

Another point worth noticing in Apple’s latest research has to do with the great progress that large developers have made over the years. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they’ve flourished big time, thanks to the tech giant.

Five years ago, their earnings were less than $10,000 and they weren’t a part of the app store. And today, they’re earning millions on the app store.

We believe it’s great to see such findings of leading tech giants in today’s industry. But these particular reports seem to be more related to Apple’s boasting about its own glory, including how the app store has more than 1.8 million apps and 600 million visitors on a weekly basis.

This alongside stats of developers being more than 30 million is just a noteworthy mention of Apple’s success over the years and keeping in mind the timing of the reports’ release, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the move appears to be more strategic than anything else. And that includes the upcoming WWDC conference that will reportedly be held between June 6 and June 10.

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