LinkedIn’s attempt to help users understand the platform is a pass or fail?

LinkedIn has always been a platform for people. The focal feature of the platform is its availability to its users in terms of discussions, help, and much more. The platform is a safe space for people to interact about work. It promotes a healthy environment and it does so by addressing people’s concerns immediately.

In light of addressing concerns, LinkedIn's latest innovation is a plan to help the users understand the platform better. Although LinkedIn is an excellent platform, by all means, it is a little confusing for newcomers as well as for existing ones. LinkedIn's new program, 'Mythbusting the Feed’, aims to solve all these problems.

In an article by Sabry Tozin on the LinkedIn blog, Tozin explained the purpose of this new program as well as its layout. He started by explaining the aims and environment of LinkedIn. He then continued to state how user trust depends on how transparent the site is with its users in terms of how their feed works.

Amongst the concerns that Tozin mentioned, a few included questions about the type of conversations entertained by the platform as well as how the content is spread around the feed. Questions also included how the platform algorithm works concerning different communities as well as what action the platform takes when users claim unfairness like bias.

To address all of these concerns, LinkedIn plans to publish a few episodes of ‘Mythbusting the Feed’, by the end of which, hopefully, users will have fewer concerns. These episodes will be in the form of blog posts published on the site, the very first of which has been published already. These blog posts will answer all the questions that have yet to be answered as well as common misconceptions about the site.

The blog posts also come along with actual episodes, that is, a series of videos that are made per the blog posts to further explain the issues at hand. LinkedIn decided to kick off the videos by answering two simple questions – what kind of conversations are welcomed at the site and what does professionalism means at the site. The videos are a part of the blog posts and are displayed between paragraphs quite evidently.

There is more that LinkedIn has announced to keep us on our toes, the upcoming weeks bring more episodes from ‘Mythbusting the Feed’ that will cover even more topics in simplified formats. The upcoming issues include how the algorithm works and how to personalize your feed on the platform as well as how content distribution works. LinkedIn will also explain how they deal with bias, something that always comes along when dealing with such a large platform.

In the end, the platform also encouraged users to share how they feel about these episodes as well as questions that might arise due to this new project. Lastly, it confirmed how it's working to make the most for its users by increasing their resources and efficiency. With so much to offer, we do expect a lot from LinkedIn now!

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